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By Bollywood Hungama News Network, January 21, 2010 – 12:10 IST

With all eyes on Bollywood, and a whole slew of movies due for release this year, Bollywood Hungama conducted a poll to chart out what are likely to be the biggest blockbusters of 2010. The analysis took the form of an extensive survey (from 16th to 28th Dec.) conducted online amongst those who really matter – the Consumers. Spanning regions as diverse as India and South-East Asia to the European Union and USA-Canada, the user had to select his/her 5 most anticipated movies. To ensure complete transparency and accuracy, a three level authentication check with email validation, cookie check and IP mapping was put into place.

The hot list of the Most Awaited Movies of 2010* truly proved to be the voice of the masses, garnering an overwhelming response. The 12-day poll saw 1,79,681 valid responses. Results were compiled based on votes from 72 countries – countries which constitute about 98% of revenue towards Bollywood releases.

The poll threw up several interesting results, analysis of which is as follows:

Top 20 movies
  1. My Name Is Khan
  2. Kites
  3. Guzaarish
  4. Veer
  5. Ra.1
  6. Raavan
  7. Raajneeti
  8. House Full
  9. Action Replayy
  10. Dhobi Ghaat
  1. 11. Dabanng
  2. 12. Tees Maar Khan
  3. 13. Chance Pe Dance
  4. 14. Rann
  5. 15. Agent Vinod
  6. 16. Delhi Belly
  7. 17. Koochie Koochie Hota Hai
  8. 18. Ishqiya
  9. 19. Stepmom’s Remake
  10. 20. Teen Patti
Top 10 movies for UK
  1. My Name Is Khan
  2. Veer
  3. Kites
  4. Guzaarish
  5. Ra.1
  6. House Full
  7. Chance Pe Dance
  8. Dabanng
  9. Koochie Koochie Hota Hai
  10. Raavan
Top 10 movies for USA
  1. My Name Is Khan
  2. Kites
  3. Guzaarish
  4. Veer
  5. Raavan
  6. Ra.1
  7. Raajneeti
  8. House Full
  9. Dhobi Ghaat
  10. Rann
Top 10 movies for India
  1. My Name Is Khan
  2. Kites
  3. Guzaarish
  4. Raavan
  5. Veer
  6. Raajneeti
  7. Ra.1
  8. House Full
  9. Action Replayy
  10. Dhobi Ghaat
Movies securing least votes
  1. Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai
  2. Delhi Safari
  3. Chatur Singh Two Star
  4. Run Bhola Run
  5. Crooked (working title)
Some Facts
India: 38.40%
USA: 13.36%
UK: 6.32%
Rest of the world: 41.92%
Star quotient1. 2010 will see SRK and Hrithik battling it out for the top spot. Shah Rukh’s My Name Is Khan ranks first on our list while his pet project Ra.1 also makes it to the top five. Hrithik has the much awaited Kites and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish, ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, in his arsenal.

2. Despite a dull 2009, Akshay Kumar retains his hold on the audience’s minds, with three of the actor’s forthcoming releases: House Full, Action Replayy and Tees Maar Khan finding place in the overall top 20. Interestingly, the Sajid Nadiadwala-Sajid Khan-Akshay Kumar combo in House Full is ranked higher in the poll compared to Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy. Moreover, Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House has been ranked 18th by Indian surfers.

3. With the ladies, it’s a three cornered fight between Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol. Aishwarya makes a huge comeback with Guzaarish (third), Raavan (sixth) and Action Replayy (ninth). Kareena Kapoor’s makes her mark with Ra.1, Agent Vinod and Stepmom Remake in the top 20.

4. Kajol, who is also making a comeback of sorts in 2010, retains a steady fan following. Two of her films, My Name Is Khan and Stepmom Remake find place in the overall top 20.


1. The poll indicates that Indian viewers have not warmed up to animation films. While Tarun Mansukhani’s animation film Koochie Koochie Hota Hain ranks 9th and 20th in the UK and US votes polled, it finds no spot on the Indian top 20.

2. In fact, Nikhil Advani’s forthcoming animation feature Delhi Safari is placed right at the bottom of our poll results.

Production Houses

1. The poll has reinforced that when it comes to films, ‘Content is the King’. Eros and BIG Pictures lead the pack, while it’s a mixed bag for most others.

2. Yashraj Films will have to work harder to capture the audience’s imagination. For a second year in a row, none of its films find a spot in the top 20.

* Bollywood Hungama (earlier http://www.indiafm.com) has been conducting polls annually to determine the movies which are awaited the most or have a high level of public awareness and interest. The survey does not reflect or tend to predict the performance of the movie at the box office.


By Taran Adarsh, January 22, 2010 – 10:44 IST

VEER drives home a few hard facts…

  • No amount of gloss can substitute for an engaging story.
  • Not all directors are capable of pulling off a period film.
  • No star – howsoever strong his rankings are – can infuse life in a comatose script.

Everyone’s awaiting VEER with bated breath. The film industry will get another breather if VEER goes the 3 IDIOTS way at the box-office. The junta will have one more fascinating genre to look forward to, if VEER appeals to them. But your hopes go crashing as reel after reel of VEER unfurl.


Salman Khan [who has been credited as the story writer of VEER] takes TARAS BULBA, adds GLADIATOR, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, TROY, TITANIC and even KRANTI [the end is a straight lift of Manoj Kumar’s Dilip Kumar starrer] and comes up with this khichdi which gets unpalatable after a point.

// // // // <A HREF=”http://a.tribalfusion.com/h.click/a0myBcpdIo5ArR5c36TGJaWVj7RPQyWdr4UUj15bEmVqUsVEJ9QTMZdSVjZaRrErRtvaUVr24UXsnWusYEen3WbASGfZa46QHot6OUHQ9XFv6XbYeXaArPUnCWbBXTtvXmbjmQUBnYErr3TU5dg6FCt/http://www.cursormania.com/dl/index.jhtml?partner=ZCxdm964381564824″ TARGET=”_blank”><IMG SRC=http://cdn5.tribalfusion.com/media/1719066/cm06x_300x250_0309.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A> Click Here!
// // // <A HREF=”http://a.tribalfusion.com/h.click/aBmyBcTt3WmUbmPFFqYaFr5aFd4ar2oTZbLYUF8WHbPnAQZcnV7soHUD3Enl5tZao5m7ZcprrHXVQWXcU21GvpmavQ5UY2VUbZcWPYWQTbYQG3pPHUNYtZbmTP3y4GB40UMZaT6Pn5PvdP6ZbD4WZbEdg7JfU/http://www.cursormania.com/dl/index.jhtml?partner=ZCxdm964381567317″ TARGET=”_blank”><IMG SRC=http://cdn5.tribalfusion.com/media/1719066/cm06x_300x250_0309.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A> Click Here!
// // // <A HREF=”http://a.tribalfusion.com/h.click/aMmyBcod6OXT2u2tUFQcrF4AYEodZaoVW7eXFvb1UBh1aZaoRrJBUUMYVtrYorjtPbjs1EUO5Eje4TM1nqMKXFUcWH7XmPvBnVYvpWfB3a3l2Hmr3AZbZcpF3L0sfQ1crY0VFwmTZbQ3UrUTFnr7w6ZbAT/http://www.cursormania.com/dl/index.jhtml?partner=ZCxdm964381570026″ TARGET=”_blank”><IMG SRC=http://cdn5.tribalfusion.com/media/1719066/cm06x_300x250_0309.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A> Click Here!
// // <A HREF=”http://a.tribalfusion.com/h.click/aOmyBcpGrwod3C3TMh3Wmt5mfFnrnK0GYYYGU3XG7vmTBQ3FFPVFvFVmfXREY3QVUrStFs1dBsW6nw2VBWYbZbZaVmmw4AQePmFJ3HZbt0tQZcmW2v36rQ3GUbVVJcUcZbjRAvvTdnRUrZbY5b2D7cCyU6/http://www.cursormania.com/dl/index.jhtml?partner=ZCxdm964381557222″ TARGET=”_blank”><IMG SRC=http://cdn5.tribalfusion.com/media/1719066/cm06x_300x250_0309.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A> Click Here!
// // <A HREF=”http://a.tribalfusion.com/h.click/a9myfbVc3jWGJfRAruUHFTUFjS3bIsUq3wVqYaSTYZbRVfZbPburRHfdVcjS2F2tmWit0quO3WQFPcjZd2AJFpWXpVWZbhXrfaXFUjXaaqRbnCWU3SWWYTnbjuRUfNXEvs4aJe5E30nTfI1sJRbrN757/http://www.cursormania.com/dl/index.jhtml?partner=ZCxdm964374616188″ TARGET=”_blank”><IMG SRC=http://cdn5.tribalfusion.com/media/1719066/cm06x_300x250_0309.gif WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A>//
TARGET=’_blank’> <IMG
WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 ALT=’Click Here!’ BORDER=0>

VEER is about a warrior and at the same time, it’s a love story too. Sadly, neither does it evoke any patriotism, nor does the love story make your heart go dhak-dhak.

The writing [screenplay: Shaktimaan Talwar, Shailesh Verma] is so fragile that one is mentally exhausted by the time this marathon movie finally reaches its finale. Of course, Salman’s star power tries hard to salvage the situation, but window dressing doesn’t help if the store has nothing to offer.

Final word? You have to be a veer to sit through VEER. Colossal disappointment!

As the British enslave India with their devious Divide and Rule policy, kings and nawabs fall to their guile and cunning schemes and entrust their precious kingdom to the foreigners. Except for the brave Pindaris, who prefer death to dishonour and will fight to their last breath to save their land.

The bravest, the toughest, the strongest of the Pindaris is Veer [Salman Khan]. As Veer takes on the might of the British Empire, he also has to fight the conniving King of Madavgarh [Jackie Shroff] as well his own jealous tribesmen. At stake is his love for princess Yashodhara [Zarine Khan], daughter of his sworn enemy. At stake is his thirst to avenge his father’s dishonour.

VEER has it all – great stars, opulent and majestic sets, adrenaline pumping action scenes, but no soul [read script]. The movie begins with a bang, but the moment the story shifts to London, it crashes!

Frankly, it’s a screenplay of convenience. Salman meets the woman of his dreams within minutes of reaching London and that looks so unreal. You try to digest it and move on to the next scene and lo! The damsel studies in the same college that our hero has enrolled in. Now that looks fake!

The sequence at the interval is interesting, although it remains a mystery how Puru Raaj Kumar gets to know of Salman’s identity. At this point, Salman becomes a killing machine, slaughters more than a dozen people in the hostel campus [including a few gora soldiers] and conveniently escapes from London with a badly injured brother [played by Sohail]. Now that is taking it too far.

The second hour goes on and on and on, emphasising on unfulfilled promises, seething anger and revenge, love and freedom and frankly, you are least bothered by now. In fact, you lose interest in the proceedings. Period. The climax is so long drawn and more of an anti-climax, while the ending is bizarre and unintentionally funny.

Director Anil Sharma fails to deliver. That’s the bitter truth. The project had everything going in its favour, but alas, Sharma and his writers make a complete mess of the story. Sajid-Wajid’s music is melodious, but why repeat one song [‘Surili Ankhiyon Wali’] again and again? The background score [Monty] is top notch. Gopal Shah’s cinematography is splendid. Tinu Verma’s action scenes are dynamic and in fact, the saving grace of VEER. The production design [art: Sanjay Dhabade] give an authentic feel of the bygone era.

VEER rides on Salman’s star power, but even his hardcore fans will be disappointed by this movie. Zarine Khan resembles Katrina Kaif, but wears one expression all through. Mithun is okay, while Jackie does his bit well. Sohail Khan irritates. Puru Raaj Kumar and Aryan Vaid get no scope. Neena Gupta is as usual. The English actors are stereotype.

On the whole, VEER proves the age-old adage true: All that glitters is not gold. The film may open very well at single screens thanks to Salman’s popularity and the hype surrounding the film and may also enjoy a healthy extended weekend [Tuesday, 26th January is a holiday], but given its exorbitant costs and poor merits, VEER will face an uphill task to recover its costs. This one’s a monumental disappointment!

Hrithik Roshan recommended Makrand Deshpande to Sanjay Bhansali for an important cameo in Guzaarish

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to cast for an important three-minute cameo for his film Guzaarish. But he just couldn’t make up his mind after auditioning various people. That’s when Hrithik Roshan suggested Makrand Deshpande’s name. Interestingly, Hrithik doesn’t know Makrand personally nor has he ever worked with him.

A source revealed, “Makrand got a call from Bhansali’s office and was equally surprised by the offer.”

Makrand grabbed the opportunity to work with the cast and crew of Guzaarish. He said, “Yes, I have done an important cameo, but I am not supposed to speak about it as the character is a vital part of the film. It was a pleasure working with Sanjay sir, Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai. Hrithik and Aishwarya are such hungry actors. When I got a call from Mr Bhansali’s office, I wondered why they chose me. When I met Hrithik, he told me it was his suggestion to cast me in the cameo and Sanjay loved the idea!”

Recalling his experience, Makrand tells us, “I remember that during the sequence I suggested that I should carry flowers in my hands and Sanjay loved the idea. He stopped the shooting to arrange for the flowers. The entire three-minute scene which had so many dimensions was shot in one take. We even had a long chat after pack-up. I was amazed that Sanjay was aware of my plays and he even knew that I had made a film. He also spoke at length about his musical Padmavati. I still have to finish a couple of shots for the film which I will do soon.”

(L): Hrithik Roshan (R): Makrand Deshpande
At a fashion pageant, three young men proposed to Priyanka Chopra, but she simply danced with them in return before crowning the winner

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

// <![CDATA[
// // <![CDATA[
// // <![CDATA[
// Priyanka Chopra, who is currently shooting for Anjaana Anjaani in New York, was invited to crown the winner of a local fashion pageant there.

“At the event, Priyanka, probably deciding to do a rehearsal for her film with Vishal Bhardwaj, in which she is the only woman with seven husbands, decided to play a small game of swayamvar with a few male participants before crowning the winner,” an eyewitness revealed.

He added, “Priyanka called three boys on stage. They were asked to propose to her in innovative ways. One of them did a very filmi number and even sang for her. She did not accept any but danced with all of them.  It was an Indian themed fashion show. So, there was no better chief guest than the former Miss World herself, who, in a pink saree, looked stunning. But because much time had been spent on the swayamvar, when the time came for the main event which was the fashion pageant, the organisers realised they had reached the time limit and switched off the lights and sound. But Priyanka being the sport that she is, happily came on stage, crowned the winner in the dark and made a quick exit.

Vidya Balan to stick to what suits her best in No One killed Jessica – ethnic wear by her favourite Sabyasachi

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

After getting flak for her dressing sense in her earlier movies, Vidya Balan has become extremely conscious of her clothes. She is finally happy that she has been appreciated for her outfits in Paa and Ishqiya, thanks to designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

So it’s not surprising that Sabyasachi has become her favourite designer. Lately, she insisted that she will only work with him in No One killed Jessica, directed by Rajkumar Gupta.

The other lesson she has also learnt in the recent past is that she should stick to Indian outfits that she is comfortable in, rather than experiment with the Western look.

VidyaBalan Sabyasachi Mukherjee

A source from the unit reveals, “Vidya categorically told Gupta that she needs Sabya on board for her clothes. As she is accepted and appreciated for her Indian wear, she will once again be seen in similar costumes in this film. At best, the actress will wear denims paired with tunics and kurtis. Her role does not demand a Western look and thus she will stick to Indian wear.”

Apart from movies, Vidya has also been dressing for events in Sabya creations. “She carries it off really well and has been garnering major compliments for the same,” the source added.

Impressed by their work in Marathi film Natrang, Sanjay Leela Bhansali signs up music directors Ajay and Atul for Chenab Gandhi

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his sharp music sense. He first discovered Ismail Darbar and as a team, they gave two blockbusters with Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Devdas. His risk paid off, and the music was a huge hit.

Now, Bhansali is set introduce music director duo Ajay and Atul in Bollywood. They have just delivered a superhit Marathi film Natrang.

Ajay and Atul

Our source said, “Someone suggested their names to Bhansali, who heard their music and loved it. He met up with them and immediately signed them for his upcoming film Chenab Gandhi, which stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rajeev Khandelwal and Vidya Balan in lead roles.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Bhansali was very impressed by the music they had created for the Atul Kulkarni and Sonali Kulkarni-starrer Natrang.

The film created a buzz not only for its performances, it got some rave reviews for its music as well.”

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif met accidentally, and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

// // // What happens when Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘close friend’ Katrina Kaif bumps into his ex-flame Deepika Padukone? It happened at a shoot recently and both girls exchanged cold stares before Katrina walked out, with her nose in the air. Needless to say, acknowledging each other was not on their agenda.

It may be recalled that Ranbir Kapoor became really close friends with Katrina Kaif while he was dating Deepika.

On Wednesday, Deepika was doing a magazine photo shoot in the open area of Mehboob Studio. An eyewitness reveals, “Deepika had come with Farhan Akhtar for her photo shoot. Somewhere around late afternoon, Deepika was giving her solo shots in the garden area of the studio. While Deepika was doing her last minute touch-up, there was pin drop silence and all eyes swivelled to the entrance. It was Katrina Kaif, who had accidentally walked in, thinking it was the venue where she was called for her shoot.”

The eyewitness continues, “Dressed in a short white skirt and a pink tee, Katrina walked in and froze for a second. Deepika, who was standing some distance away, saw her. Both had a few seconds of eye contact, and Katrina immediately took a U-turn and walked away.”

(L): Katrina Kaif (R): Deepika Padukone

It’s hardly surprising given their history. A source says, “Although Ranbir and Deepika are not seeing each other any more, the latter still has issues with Katrina. It was the growing friendship between Katrina and Ranbir which marked an end to her relationship.”

Both Katrina and Deepika did not reply to our message till the time of going to press.

How Himesh Reshammiya’s obsession with Mann ka Radio drove his hapless neighbours up the wall for many nights

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 22, 2010)

We all may have a bit of narcissism in us, but when it threatens to become a social nuisance, it’s no longer funny.

Singer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya had neighbours in his building, Oberoi Sky Heights at Lokhandwala, almost begging for mercy when he started playing songs from his flop film Radio right through the night at full volume.

Apparently just a few days before Radio released, Himesh, who stays on the 35th floor of B-Wing of Oberoi Sky Heights, would play the songs of the film from midnight to the early hours of the morning, on an everyday basis.

Worse, he would play the same song – Mann ka radio bajne de zara – irritating he neighbours even further. The brunt of the noise pollution was borne by the Jain family, which stays just below him on the 34th floor. Says a source from the building, “At times, we were not able to comprehend if Himesh was playing the song or singing it himself. He would sometimes play another song from the same film – as loudly – in the afternoon as well.”

After putting up with it for a few days, Mrs Jain and some of her friends who live in the same building, thought of writing an official letter of complaint, but later decided to just have a word with the building-in-charge instead.

1. Himesh’s flat
2. Jains residence

But Himesh reportedly continued with his obsession of loudly playing Radio songs, much to the chagrin of the helpless neighbours. While Himesh denied the allegation, Mrs Mrs Jain told Mumbai Mirror, “The music coming from Himesh’s flat in the night was very disturbing.” Actor Sahil Khan, who stays on the 33rd floor also confirmed, “I heard there was a problem between the Jains and Himesh because of the loud music from Himesh’s flat.”

The midnight drama continued until Radio hit the theatres and sank. That must have awakened Himesh to the fact that perhaps people didn’t like the film and its music as much as he thought they would. A stunned silence ensued and Reshammiya’s neighbours finally breathed a sigh of relief.

THE REAL HERO: Salman Khan

Salman Khan is all set to fight the box office battle today!


The team of Eros International’s Veer has been looking forward to this day with great anticipation as the mega project finally hits the big screens across the country. Salman, who has an eye for spotting talent, will introduce Zarine Khan in his dream project. And the newbie is glad that mentor Salman’s dream project has materialised so well. The film is set in 1875 and is based on the love story of a warrior, who leads his clan of the fearless Pindhari warriors, who refused to surrender to the British Empire.

Salman says, “Veer can be called my most awaited film till date. I wanted to direct a film on this subject. My biggest fear for Veer was that my father had asked me not to make this film! But when he finally saw the end result, he came out saying ‘It’s outstanding’. Speaking about the film, director Anil Sharma says, “I had approached Salman for another film, but he discussed Veer with me. Salman has lived the character of Veer for 20 years. I was so inspired by his vision and enthusiastic narration that I felt I had to be a part of this project.” Producer Vijay Galani was extremely excited to have Salman playing a fearless warrior. “I took up Veer as a dream, not just to make a good film and recover our investment, but to make India’s biggest film, to take Bollywood to a very new level and have Salman as a ferocious warrior.”

Zarine plays Princess Yashodhara, who’s head-over-heels in love with Veer in the movie. In real life, too, Zarine can’t stop singing praises of her hero. “I remember the first time I met him on the sets of Yuvvraj, I had asked him for an autograph. While signing the autograph he told me ‘Sweetheart, now you’ll sign autographs for the world’. I was stumped. Later I got to know that I was selected for Veer,” she gushes.

Salman took great interest in the making of the film. Speaking about his helpful ways, Zarine says, “Salman taught me a lot of things. He never threw starry tantrums. I had heard that he gets angry quickly, but that’s not true. He’s a genuine person. There would be times when I would not get a shot right, but he never yelled at me. He would explain the shot in great detail and show me how to do it. He is perfect for the role. He is the perfect warrior.” Looks like with his princess by his side, warrior Salman is all set to win the box office battle once again.