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rannThis year, two films are set to release and both these film’s stories revolve around news channels and sensationalism. These two films are Percept’s Raftaar 24×7 and Ram Gopal Verma’s Rann. While Raftaar 24×7 stars Aditya Pancholi as the media baron and Emraan Hashmi as his favourite protégé and journalist, Rann has Amitabh Bachchan and Ritesh Deshmukh donning similar roles. And about 1 ½ months back, RGV changed the title of his film to India 24×7! So Raftaar 24×7 and India 24×7-two films with same plot now also have similar titles!

Although RGV is very keen to name his film as India 24×7, he may not be able to do it because ‘24×7’ is patented with NDTV channel. This means even Raftaar would have to drop 24×7 from their title. And how come they registered this title when 24×7 is patented with NDTV?

I loved the title ‘Rann’ a lot actually. The word means ‘war’ in Sanskrit and it suits the film as it is based on the war between news channels for attracting greater eyeballs. In RGV’s film, ‘India 24×7’ is the name of the news channel and that’s why he wanted this title.

Rann (let’s call it by its original name!) surely has a lot of chances to be a big hit. Besides Big B and Ritesh, it also stars Gul Panag, Raima Sen, Paresh Rawal, Mohnish Behl, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Rajat Kapoor, Sudeep and Rajpal Yadav. Every actor in the film is of the view that Ritesh will surely be the scene-stealer in the film.


On the other hand, Raftaar looks like a small film in comparison! Besides Emraan and Aditya Pancholi, it also stars Neha Dhupia and Sagarika Ghatke. Directed by Shamim Desai, it is produced by Percept Picture Company while Rann is produced by Ghajini’s producer Madhu Mantena! So Raftaar will have to release before Rann or else it would be ignored completely. Also, it may be termed as ‘poor man’s Rann’!

Raftaar is in the news since long time so it’s shooting as well as post production should be nearing completion. RGV on the other hand is also completing Rann’s post production and is all set to start work on his next film, Rakta Charitra. So Raftaar would surely release first, maybe by August. As for Rann, it should hit the screens by the end of the year. Check the link below to know about the interesting characters in Rann and you’ll agree with me that Rann may prove to be one of the finest films of 2009!
The link: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/slideshow/2009/04/18/373/index.html

Last week, MSian Shalu Dhyani made a very valid point regarding the tiff between multiplexes and producers. I had mentioned in my last week’s Bollywood talk as to how single screen theatres and moviegoers have to suffer in this ongoing tussle. Shalu observed that even the footfalls in malls nowadays have decreased due to no release of any significant film. Almost all multiplexes are located inside malls. Moviegoers who come to catch their favourite film in multiplex also indulge in shopping sometimes or most of the times, at least spend money at the food court. But with no new films releasing and multiplexes ‘forcibly’ running films like 8×10 Tasveer, Fast and the Furious etc, viewers are shunning multiplexes which in turn has taken a toll on the malls too.

Even food suppliers in theatres are facing the heat. With viewers hardly visiting theatres, samosa and pop corn sales have hit an all time low, affecting all the people related to this field. And an article in The Times of India last week confirmed that advertising agencies who own the large hoardings in cities are also facing losses since no new film is being promoted.

There must be many such people or agencies dependent on films who must be having a bad time right now. It’s high time the problem gets solved!

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By Bollywood Hungama News Network, April 29, 2009 – 11:54 IST

 Emraan Hashmi Emraan Hashmi was in a for a rude shock when he received a call from his bank HSBC about some heavy-duty transactions made on his credit card on April 26th and 27th . The transactions amounted to nearly Rs. 2 lakh and a stunned Hashmi had no choice but to lodge a police complaint.

Apparently around 11 transactions were done on the above mentioned 2 dates and strangely Emraan had himself done none of them. Most of these transactions were for purchase of airline tickets said the bank authorities.

While the police are yet to figure out the person behind this crime, Emraan is surely not amused one bit. In fact the actor is very upset with this whole incident and wants the miscreant to be caught and punished as soon as possible.


Vivek Oberoi in Rakta Charitra

Vivek Oberoi in Rakta Charitra

By Joginder Tuteja, April 28, 2009 – 15:03 IST

Ram Gopal Varma Now this one has turned out to be the mother of all casting decisions. Seven years after launching Vivek Oberoi in the role of Chandu in Company [2002], Ram Gopal Varma has showed his faith in the actor again. He has cast him in the role of the lead protagonist Paritala Ravi in his ambitious venture Rakta Charitra which would be made as a two part film.

Says Ram Gopal Varma who has almost finished the shoot of Agyaat and is busy wrapping up India 24/7, “After thinking hard on every actor both known and unknown, I have finally zeroed in on Vivek Oberoi as the most ideal choice to play Paritala Ravi.”

On being asked if with Rakta Charitra he would be taking over the mantle of re-launching Vivek Oberoi, Ramu says, “That would be a wrong statement to make actually. The way I look at it, Rakta Charitra is a film which would be re-launching Vivek as well as me. This is going to be an defining film for both of us.”

This is understandable for someone like Vivek who is currently facing rough weather in the industry. But why does he say this for himself when he has been doing quite good for himself?

“Well, the subject matter along with the research done on the film are the reasons that make me say that”, reasons Ramu, “For me, Vivek is the perfect choice for the role. Also, I know for sure that no way can Vivek get a better role than that of Paritala Ravi and no ways can I get a better story than Rakta Charitra to be told. This is why the film would be re-launching both of us.”

Narrating the reason behind his choice of Vivek, he goes on to add, “He has remarkable intensity in his eyes which I noticed in the making of Company. He has a voice which commands attention, there is an arrogance in his demeanour and an enormous power in his stance. Moreover, there is also a certain vulnerability which makes one instantly warm up to him, which is what is needed to fit in a role of Paritala Ravi’s profile.”

Apparently there was a rough look-test done for the film before Vivek was zeroed in. “After this test was done, I saw the approximation of how Vivek could look like in different phases of Ravi’s life. From being a rebel in the jungles to a political strong-arm man, he was just so perfect. There and then, I was absolutely convinced and my search ended”, reveals Ramu. The story of Rakta Charitra will span 12-15 years during which Vivek would be seen in different looks.

As per Ramu, Rakta Charitra is the story of a man’s (Paritala Ravi) phenomenal rise to power and a story of the most intense blood curdling conflict ever heard of between two individuals. A prime accused in quite a few murder cases, Paritala Ravi wasn’t a rebel in his initial days but the force of circumstances made him become one. He was a soft-spoken shy guy who retreated into the jungles and then became a rebel. He wanted to avenge the death of his father and brother and even went on to become a minister in N.T. Ramarao’s Cabinet before being assassinated in January 2005.

To be produced by Madhu Mantena, the film would be shot in one stretch beginning 1st August once Ramu is through with the shooting of Rann. Rakta Charitra will release on two parts in the months of January and April 2010 respectively.

Bollywood Hungama.com

By Subhash K. Jha, April 28, 2009 – 11:35 IST

Shahrukh Khan The Elections never seemed more special, what with the whole Bollywood fraternity pitching their vote bank with abundant accountability.

While many of the A-Listers like Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan will make sure they’re in Mumbai on April 30 to cast their vote, Shah Rukh Khan is going to go a step further.

He will be flying down from South Africa with his ‘Knight Riders’ team just for a day on April 30 to cast their vote before flying back for their next match.

According to sources King Khan has requested Vijay Mallya who hosts a rival IPL team to lend him a private jet to make the whirlwind visit back a home possible.

Says a source close to the iconic actor, “Shah Rukh is very particular about exercising his voting rights. There was no way he’d miss the chance to cast his vote, or let his team members skip this important day in the Indian calendar. He’s very clear on the matter and would’ve insisted on heading home on April 30 even if a match was scheduled that day.”

Shah Rukh has even inspired rival team-leader Preity Zinta to not slip up on her democratic rights.

Preity too will head back home on voting day with her team. However, Shilpa Shetty and her team would have to skip the vote as they have a match on April 30.

Bollywood Hungama.com

Text courtesy: ANI

Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel’s mum has confirmed her son’s off-screen love with Freida Pinto. Patel and Pinto have always denied dating each other but the pair was recently caught enjoying an intimate lunch date in Israel, where Pinto, 24, is filming on location. And Patel’s mum Anita says she is really pleased to see the two in love. “First it was the film and now everything else seems to have slotted into place,” the Mirror quoted Anita as saying. “Life can’t get any better for him. Freida is really beautiful and I am really happy for them. Yes, we knew he was flying to Israel to see her,” she added. The real life love story is said to have started on the set of Danny Boyle’s multi-Oscar-winning film. And they have become increasingly close since travelling the world together to promote the movie.

By Yahoo! India Movies

Vidya Balan has shed ten kilos and is looking stunning

By Ashwini Deshmukh (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 27, 2009)



The only thing constant is change. And it is what Vidya set out to achieve. After Heyy Babyy and Kismat Konnection, Vidya put on extra pounds and she faced much flak for it. Vidya took it to heart and decided she would shock everyone one day. She did just that.

Recently she was spotted at yesteryear actress Shammi’s 80th birthday party, at her slimmest best. Guests at the party were startled to see a perfectly slim and slender Vidya. A guest who was at the party said, “Vidya has never looked so slim and in such perfect shape. She’s lost 10 kilos. You’ve got to see it to believe it.”

A close friend of Vidya revealed, “The secret behind her weight loss is her workout regimen and a watchful diet which she adopted a few months ago.”

By indiaabroad
Monday Apr 27 11:50 AM

Bangalore, April 27 (IANS) Bollywood’s flamboyant actor-producer-director Feroz Khan, known for blockbusters like ‘Qurbani’ and ‘Dharmatma’, passed away at his farmhouse here after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was 69.

Feroz Khan, who died late Sunday, will be buried at the Johnson Market burial ground at 5.30 p.m. Monday, his younger brother Sanjay Khan said.

Sanjay told media that the funeral procession would be taken out from his brother’s farmhouse to the Johnson Market Graveyard in the evening.

He is survived by son, actor Fardeen Khan and daughter Laila. Fardeen Khan is married to Natasha Madhwani, daughter of yesteryear actress Mumtaz who had played lead roles in many of his films.

Feroz Khan, who was last seen in the 2007 comedy ‘Welcome’, had divorced his wife Sundari 24 years ago.

The filmmaker, who was known to have led a quiet and simple life in Bangalore, had been battling cancer for the past one year and was under treatment in a Mumbai hospital. Family sources said his death was not ‘unexpected’ as his health had been falling steeply.

Family sources said actor Hrithik Roshan, who is married to Sanjay Khan’s daughter, and his filmmaker father Rakesh Roshan were expected to arrive here to pay their last respects to the director.

The actor, who was born in Bangalore on Sep 25, 1939, died at his farmhouse on Tumkur Road here.

The actor did his schooling in Bangalore after which he went to Mumbai to pursue a career in Bollywood.

He acted in popular films like ‘Arzoo’, ‘Aurat’ and ‘Safar’ as well as played important roles in his own directorial ventures ‘Qurbani’ and ‘Dharmatma’. He won a Filmfare award for best supporting role in ‘Aadmi Aur Insaan’ in 1970 and was honoured with the lifetime achievement award in 2000.

Yahoo! India Movies

April 24, 2009 7:06:41 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network

view KAMBAKHT ISHQ videos


If things had been moving normally in Bollywood, each week would have seen one, if not more biggies at the marquee, what with the summer vacations commencing in many parts of the country and exams being over. Unfortunately, it is not so, and many promising projects have been rescheduled.

A major victim of the multiplex tussle has been the Akshay Kumar-Kareena Kapoor starrer, KAMBAKKHT ISHQ, which is of utmost importance to Khiladi Kumar’s career, in view of the two back-to-back failures in form of CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA and 8×10 TASVEER. As is known, KI was scheduled to arrive on 29th May 2009. The first promo, featuring the potential chartbusting title track by RDB, ‘Mujhe Maar Gaya Kambakht Ishq’ had set up the buzz for the movie beautifully. Unfortunately due to the multiplex issue, not only the promo had to be discontinued but even the film has been postponed, expectedly. As per our trade and distribution sources, the film may release around July end or mid August. So, it is still a long wait for the fans of Bebo and Akki…

Here’s hoping for a resounding comeback from Akshay Kumar, whenever KAMBAKKHT ISHQ releases.


Imtiaz Ali, even after the hugely successful Jab We Met, remains the small-town boy he used to be, preferring to zip around in public transport
By Indu Mirani (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 25, 2009)
They not only show their films to each other but best buddies Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali, we find, even share a passion for public transport. Both directors, currently firmly entrenched in Bollywood’s club class, prefer to travel by autos, buses and trains.

While Anurag calls this his contribution to reducing his carbon foot-print, Imtiaz’s preference for janta class is surprising given that after the success of Jab We Met, he bought a BMW no less. “It’s too much to have to figure out what time the driver has to be let off and how much petrol is in the car, with autos I can just zip around the city,” he mumbles. Moreover, Ali, who is wrapping up his Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone-starrer Love Aaj Kal, says he bought the beemer not for himself but as a gift for his wife. “I just wanted to in some way, pay homage or acknowledge my wife’s role and support of my career. She really had this thing about a BMW,” says the dishy director.

Do we hear a hundred hearts shattering?

So does he have strange encounters when people recognise him when he’s travelling? “A lot of girls have come and said that it seems as though Jab We Met is their story, and many others have said that they have been invigorated with some kind of hope because of the way things happen in Jab We Met but really most of the time I’m just too lost in my own world to notice what’s happening around me,” says the director who rubbishes talk that he has signed Hrithik Roshan for his next film. “Only when I decide which of my scripts I want to make, will I be able to zero in on the actor for it. Yes, Hrithik and I did meet, but that’s it.”

Amitabh’s character in Paa suffers from Progeria, a genetic disorder in which a person ages three times faster than a normal human being
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 24, 2009)

Amitabh with Abhishek Bachchan

First he played a 64-year-old man in love with a 34-year-old woman (Cheeni Kum), then a 60 something man falling for an 18-year-old nymphet (Nishabd). Amitabh Bachchan seems to be getting increasingly experimental. Now he is to play a 13-year-old son to Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan in Balki’s Paa. Few know about Amitabh’s new challenge in Paa in which his character suffers from Progeria, a rare genetic disorder.

Balki is once again walking the untrodden path and is zealously guarding the plot of the film and is confident about Vidya Balan playing mother to Big B. He feels that the most unexpected casting coup would work once the audience understands the nature of the disease.


Progeria is a rare genetic disorder in which a person ages three times faster than a normal person. Perhaps that’s what Amitabh found fascinating; the 30-year-old couple Abhishek and Vidya Balan, playing parents to a 13-year-old son who looks 39.

To create awareness about Progeria, the director and his cast, we hear, intend to launch television and print campaigns close to the release. Each of the three players will address the public about this little-known genetic disorder, which not only snatches away the childhood but also the joys of parenthood.