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Posted on: April 2, 2009

aa-dekhen-zara24 weeks ago,13B released wherein a TV was able to show the future. Aa Dekhen Zara also has a similar plot-however the TV is replaced with a camera, which can show glimpses of future. However, 13B was a first-class product while Aa Dekhen Zara falters at several places. But overall, the film can be termed as a good product due to its very interesting plot.

The story of the movie: Ray (Neil Mukesh) is a freelance photographer. His life is going by a bad phase and is in a great financial crisis. At this point of time, Ray inherits a camera from his late grandfather, who was also a photographer. Soon, Ray finds that the camera is special-it can show the future. He realizes that this camera can be of great help to him. And soon, Ray wins lottery, derby and betting and starts earning millions, thanks to the camera. He gets his love too, Simi (Bipasha Basu). But soon, Ray realizes that the camera which improved his life may cause his end too!

Let’s talk about Aa Dekhen Zara’s plusses. The film has a novel and interesting script. A camera’s power of showing the future and its other unique features-that was completely cool! Some of the scenes were well executed, especially the one’s in the beginning (Neil experimenting with the camera; the giant wheel sequence). The intermission point and the action scenes in the second half were great. And the twist in the climax is what highly works for the film. Also, Ray and Simi’s sweet and sour relationship was quite interesting and was well scripted.


Now, the flaws! The film is interesting from start to finish, no doubt, but not very thrilling. Except two scenes, none of the other scene in the film shock or thrill the viewers. The intermission point should have come like a bolt from the blue, but unfortunately, nothing of the sort happens. The film looks Hollywoodish, but fails to be like one! With such a great plot, the film could’ve easily been an edge of the seat racy thriller. However, even though it has flaws, the film is a one-time watch simply because of its climax and that it keeps you hooked on to the screen.

Neil Mukesh comes up with yet another brilliant performance after Johnny Gaddaar. The entire film was on Neil’s shoulders and he did total justice to his role. And he has even wonderfully sung the title track of the film, which has already become a hit in the chartbusters! Way to go, Neil!

Bipasha Basu looks charming and as usual, performs wonderfully. She had a major role in the 2nd half and did a great job. Rahul Dev as Captain was fantastic. He’s such a great actor and deserves to get more roles. Sophie Chaudhary looked hot but didn’t have much to do in the film. Bobby Vatsa as Puri was perfect.


The songs are composed by Pritam and Gourov Dasgupta and both did a wonderful job. Gourov Dasgupta’s title track and its lounge version were superb. Both the songs of Pritam (Gazab and Mohabbat Aapse) were rocking!

Jehangir Chowdhury’s cinematography was top-notch, but could have been better in the climax. Sham Kaushal’s action was perfect.

Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber’s story was very interesting. But their screenplay, which made the film stylish, slick, could have been more thrilling. They could have added more masala, action, drama and shock with such an interesting plot. But still, they deserve appreciation for their work, though it was not top-notch.

Jehangir Surti’s direction was good and he did a nice job, even though he was equipped with a flawed script.

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1. Ray at the safe keeping locker
2. Ray and Simi’s first conversation
3. Ray winning the lottery and derby
4. Ray with Sophie
5. The intermission point
6. Captain confronting Ray
7. The giant wheel sequence (the best scene!)
8. Puri chasing Ray
9. The final 20 minutes

On the whole, Aa Dekhen Zara is a timepass fare and is worth watching once. With such an interesting plot, the film could have been more thrilling and shocking. Yet, the film is interesting and keeps the viewers engrossed throughout. Go for it for a 2 hour entertainment!

My rating-*** out of 5!

(This review first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Aa_Dekhen_Zara-164628-1.html)


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