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Posted On Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 02:15:26 AM

‘My conscience does not permit me to accept this decoration’, said Bachchan

New Delhi: Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has reacted to the racial attacks on Indian students in Australia, by rejecting an honourary doctorate offered to him by an Australian university.

The Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, had offered him a doctorate for his contribution to the world of entertainment, and Bachchan had earlier accepted the title. The honour was to be conferred on the star in July.

‘I have been witnessing with great dismay and shock, the recent violent attacks on Indian students in Australia, on the electronic media the entire day,’ Bachchan wrote in his blog. ‘I mean no disrespect to the Institution, but under the circumstances, where citizens of my own country are subjected to such acts of inhuman horror, my conscience does not permit me to accept this decoration from a country that perpetrates such indignity to my fellow
countrymen,’ he wrote.


May 30, 2009 5:04:09 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network

view PAYING GUESTS movie stills


So often we see a good film going kaput due to a terrible climax. Whether it is a suspense flick or a full on comedy affair, there have been numerous instances when a film has fallen flat because the writer and director couldn’t deliver that final punch during the concluding moments. However, if the makers of PAYING GUESTS are to believed, that won’t be the case with this laughaton which is a multi starrer in it’s own right, what with as many as five on-screen couples arriving on screen.

Confirms a course attached to the film, ”The climax is the highlight of PAYING GUESTS. The movie had come out brilliantly and if the written material was a rage, then what you would see on screen has surpassed even that. Actors like Shreyas Talpade and Javed Jaffrey have been known for their comic timing and they have got it on full display in PAYING GUESTS.”

Though she is not willing to reveal much about how the film’s climax unfolds, she hints that it would be a riot of sorts, what with PAYING GUESTS boasting of such an enormous star cast.

”In spite of such a huge number of actors who would be seen on a common frame, there is a definite space for anyone and everyone”, adds the source, ”Haven’t we seen that in DHAMAAL earlier, which was written by Paritossh Painter himself, who is now making his directorial debut with PAYING GUESTS? We are just waiting for the strike to be off and once that happens, we would become really aggressive with the promotion of the film. It has come out really well and is a complete laugh affair, especially during the climax.”

A film that features Shreyas and Javed playing women for most duration, PAYING GUESTS also features Aashish Chaudhary, Vatsal Sheth, Neha Dhupia, Celina Jaitley, Riya Sen and Sayali Bhagat along with Johney Lever and Delnaz Paul. A Subhash Ghai production, the film has music by Sajid-Wajid.


Ameesha Patel talks about shaadi and romance with Kanav

OMAR QURESHI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; May 31, 2009)

Ameesha Patel is in a brutal mood. She’s not about to sit down and take any questions. She’s ready to punch back. And in a no-holds barred, rocking interview with BT, she tells us of her current mood, her hot new avatar, marriage plans and romance with beau Kanav

Some friends have let you down. Do you regret any relationships now?
• None at all. I know there are some mistakes I’ve made in some decisions. But it’s okay. I’ve learned from every one of them. And as far as my relationships and friendships are concerned, I haven’t regretted a day of anything.

Don’t look now, but Ameesha is changing — from cutie-next-door to hot new sizzler! So why not do a hot-hot, full-fledged role, rather than just an item song (Lazy Lamhe)?
• I guess I was testing the waters. I played a dumb bimbette, whose only interest in life is to be fashionable. It was a brand new avatar I had to present. Remember, I was this demure Gadar girl that you take home to your parents. A sweet, salwar kameez-wearing girl. And my audiences liked me like that. I had to change to see whether I fitted in and whether I’d be accepted as a hottie. I was scared to completely take on a full fledged hot role. Today I’m confident to take on any sizzling avatar.

How did you find true love with Kanav?
• Kanav is from London. He’s a hotelier and shuttles between Delhi and London. On one of his business trips, I met him through a common friend. We had coffee over casual conversation. Then about seven-eight months later, we bumped into each other again when I went into Delhi, and we just clicked. We exchanged telephone numbers and that was it. We realised there was a hell of a lot of chemistry happening here and we’ve never looked back.

Who was more intense and which of the two, more romantic?
• There is a huge amount of intensity between us. In every which way. I mean, physically, emotionally, personally. Surprisingly, for a guy, he’s actually very romantic and very caring and realises little-little things, and does the little things that make all the difference. That doesn’t just mean taking me on great holidays or giving me great gifts. All that is, actually, easier to do. It’s the little things that matter, that you have the depth to understand and give to that person.

So marriage is definitely on the cards?
• Aah yes! Eventually marriage is on the cards!

Aamir Khan’s dead against the re-release of his film in multiplexes

DEEPALI DHINGRA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; May 31, 2009)

It’s known by now that Aamir Khan’s film Raakh is all set for a re-release as a part of a joint venture between two production houses on June 12. But for those fans of Aamir, who’re waiting to see their favourite star in the film that released two decades back, here’s some disappointing news. Apparently, the actor himself isn’t in favour of the film’s re-release. The reason is that Aamir is supporting the producers stand in the ongoing dispute between multiplex owners and producers and feels that the rerelease of Raakh will send the wrong message to everyone. Says Aamir, “Raakh is my second film and was released in 1990. Currently the person holding the rights is being opportunistic and is trying to make a quick buck by releasing the film during the strike. Also, the multiplexes might buy into the film in order to try and score a point over me and the unity of the producers. I therefore request my fans to stay away from all my films if they are released in any National Multiplex Chain during this period of struggle.

Anvita Thapliyal, speaking on behalf of the pro
duction house that’s re-releasing Raakh, says that by doing so, they want to revive Indian cinema. “It’s a great film that deserves another chance,” she says, adding that they have plans of reviving other films as well. As for which theatres they would release the film in case the strike doesn’t end, she says, “It’s not yet decided if we will release it in single screen theatres or multiplexes. We will do whatever is best for the film but the film has a lot of potential for single screen theatres, specially in the interiors, where they might not have multiplexes.” It should be noted that the other films that were re-released in the past two months including Ghajini, Race, Jodhaa Akbar, A Wednesday, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Rang De Basanti, Fashion, Golmaal Returns and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi were screened only in single screen theatres.
NOT NOW: Aamir Khan and (above) in Raakh. For more pictures of the actor, visit http://photogallery.indiatimes.com



Producer: UDAY CHOPRA!!



Pyaar Impossible




From BOLLYWOOD HUNGAMA.COM: The legendary star of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan will soon be appearing in the much talked about film Teen Patti. The film, as we know, will bring together two of the world’s biggest superstars – Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley. In the film, Big B plays Venkat Subramaniam, a reclusive Math genius from India who cracks a theory that could redefine the principles of probability and randomness, while Sir Ben Kingsley plays the part of Perci Trachtenberg who is known as the world’s greatest living mathematician.


In the film, Bachchan tutors five of his brightest protégées, played by Madhavan, Siddharth Kher, and newcomers Dhruv Ganesh, Vaibhav Talwar and Shraddha Kapoor for high-stake gambling, but with a cause.

By Subhash K. Jha, May 30, 2009 – 10:30 IST

Thanks to the recession and the stand-off between producers and multiplex, theatres the biggest of films under-production are lying unsold.

Director Rahul Dholakia’s Kashmir saga Lamhaa is one such multi-crore film that is waiting for buyers. In spite of heavyweights like Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor in the cast Lamhaa has found no takers yet.

Producer Bunty Walia has found a unique way of selling his film. He has put together a 6-minute trailer of Lamhaa which he will now send to 30 distributors across the country.

Walia hopes the trailer would convince distributors to invest in Lamhaa. Says the harassed producer. “I know this is a very unorthodox way of selling a film. But do we have a choice? Gone are the days when we producers wouldn’t show a frame of our films to distributors until it was complete. ”

In fact Bunty flew to Goa where Dutt is shooting, with his 6-minute trailer-showreel and got the actor’s approval. Says Bunty, “Sanju loved it. Nothing is being done without his approval. Sanju is the backbone of Lamhaa. He grew a beard especially for the film. Then kept it right until the end. He shaved off the beard on the day he left for Lucknow to campaign for the Samajwadi Party.”

Now, apparently, Dutt is taking a keen interest in the completion, sale and marketing of his films. Several of his films including Zee’s Chatur Singh Two Star and Lamhaa are yet to find buyers.

But Walia says it’s only a matter of time. “The break that he took send out wrong signals in the market. Now that he’s back full-swing, the market knows Sanju is here for good. See, content is king. And if you’ve a film with a high content then you’ve nothing to worry about.




Shubha Shetty-Saha / Crisil MarketWire

Friday, May 29, 2009 2:02 IST

Mumbai: Don’t look for the Tom Hanks-starrer Angels and Demons in your neighbourhood multiplex. The film’s distributor, Sony Pictures, will not release it in multiplexes on Friday in support of the Hindi film producers’ standoff with multiplex owners.

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Industry sources said the film, a prequel to The Da Vinci Code, will release only in single-screen theatres. No new Hindi films have been released since April 4 as a result of the strike, but that has not stopped the release of Hollywood films in multiplexes.
But Angels and Demons will be an exception as the producers have made Hindi films, including Saawariya and Straight in India, earlier.

According to a source, UPDF (The United Producers and Distributors Front) pressurised Kercy Daruwala, managing director of the company in India, to withhold the film from multiplexes. Daruwala, however, was unwilling to confirm this. He told DNA, “We are in negotiations with multiplexes. I am not sure about the outcome.”
Ramesh Sippy of UPDF said the film will not release in multiplexes. “The film is on hold. I don’t know what will happen,” he said.

Corroborating this, Utpal Sanghvi, vice-president, programming and distribution, of the multiplex chain Inox, said, “Angels and Demons is not releasing in national and non-national multiplexes. They are asking for a 55% share of the profit, which is impossible. They are definitely doing this in support of the striking Bollywood producers.”
If the film does not release in multiplexes, it could result in huge losses for the distributors as 60-65% of the profit of an English film released in India comes from multiplexes.

Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; May 30, 2009)

Mumbai: A major multiplex has blinked. And United Forum chairman Mukesh Bhatt hopes a solution to the standoff will emerge by Monday. This large multiplex chain (possibly Big Cinemas), which is also a film production company (Big Pictures), is trying to get other multiplex chains to reach a settlement with the United Forum (UF). Insider info reveals this chain, which is all set to release the debut film of an actor (Jacky Bhagnani’s KAL KISSNE DEKHA), has already agreed to the terms laid down by the UF and are under tremendous pressure from the multiplex association, which is still not ready to accept distributors holding control over the release of films.

“The chain has agreed upon complete control of distribution being with the producers and distributors, who will have the right to choose and release the film in theatres based on content,’’ says a source. “Also, all accounting discrepancies have been acknowledged and are to be eradicated from now on. Entertainment tax will not be charged where it is not applicable. And the equal rights for Friday nights mantra—all films (including Hollywood films)
will get 50-42.5-37.5-30 terms in the first four weeks—will be followed,’’ adds the source.

The major chain is said to have taken these terms to the Multiplex Association of India (MAI), suggesting they all follow the same. While some multiplexes are ready to go with them, other hardliners
are still not okay with the distribution strategy and also want a bigger share of revenue. “They’re asking for 50-42.5-30-27.5,’’ reveals an insider.

If the major chain fails to convince others in the MAI, there’s every chance of it breaking away from the cartel. “This will work well for the chain as well as the UF. The two together can release films and revive the industry,’’ says a source. The major chain has about 150 screens all over the country.
Recently, the UF had agreed to release films on single screens and Vashu Bhagnani’s Kal Kissne Dekha was to be the first in line. But Big Pictures, the distributors of the film (also multiplex owners) wanted Bhagnani to release the film in multiplexes as well. The release of Kal Kissne Dekha was postponed to June. As of Friday, Sony Picture’s latest release Angels & Demons released on single screens.

According to UF chairman Mukesh Bhatt, “Big Pictures is trying to mediate with multiplexes and resolve matters. Things are looking very positive on both sides so we hope we will be able to arrive at a solution by Monday.’’

By Taran Adarsh, May 29, 2009 – 10:28 IST

The industry has been agog with talk that the warring factions [producers/distributors – multiplexes] have reached a solution. The truth is, they haven’t. The two sides have been talking to each other on a regular basis [the dialogue never stopped], but they haven’t reached a consensus yet.

A crucial meeting was held on Wednesday [May 27] at a suburban hotel and the producers/distributors have put forth their terms/demands. The multiplexes were conveyed through Amit Khanna and they [plexes] are supposed to get back, by early next week.

So, Monday/Tuesday is the day when a clearer picture should emerge. That’s the latest on this front!


Pic: BOMBAY TIMES (May 30, 2009)