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Posted on: June 21, 2009

Kites release date deferred; Anurag Basu and Rakesh Roshan continue to bicker over editing out the steamy scenes


Rakesh Roshan’s Kites isn’t about to take off any time soon. Its release has been pushed back to December or early next year. The friction between director Anurag Basu and producer Rakesh Roshan continues to simmer. The love-making scenes are not finding a cheerleader within the family either. Anurag Basu is terribly unhappy that the final edit of Kites will be devoid of the steamy scenes between the lead pair.

Kites was being readied for a Diwali release, until several post-production issues made it impossible to keep the schedule.

Our source said, “There are three reasons for the delay. First, Anurag and Rakesh Roshan continue to disagree, though we thought the situation would improve after the shoot. There is speculation that there are three edited versions of Kites. Rakesh’s version is without Hrithik and Barbara’s love-making scenes. Rakesh thinks that the Hrithik-Barbara controversy has affected the peace at home and the love-making scenes would only fuel the controversy. Anurag is upset by Rakesh’s decision to chop off the passionate scenes.”

Also, the film’s background score is coming
along at its own merry pace. Anurag and Rakesh, of course, continue to bicker over the same. And finally, Rakesh Roshan has been unable to find a suitable Hollywood distributor.
Our source added, “The Roshans want a worldwide release of both; the Hindi and the English version. A special trailer was also screened at Cannes when Anurag, Rakesh, Hrithik and Barbara were there for the festival. Although, Big Pictures have the worldwide rights, the film will reach many more countries through a Hollywood studio. The Roshans haven’t been able to finalise a deal in this regard till today.”

Rakesh Roshan denied that differences with Anurag were delaying the film. He said, “There is no truth to that. The film is still a work in progress. I have not decided the release date. Whenever the first copy comes out, I will take a call.”

Big Pictures chose not to comment.


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