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Aryan Vaid heading for a divorce? (was he already married?)

Posted on: July 16, 2009

Aryan Vaid and Alexandra Copley have been married only for six months and they are already living separately due to cultural differences
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 16, 2009)

Alexandra Copley and Aryan Vaid

After dating for a year and having been married for just six months, model Aryan Vaid and American photographer Alexandra Copley’s marriage is already in trouble. While Aryan is currently shooting for a TV show in Mumbai, his wife is in the US. She’d flown out after they had a fight in London where Aryan was shooting for the Salman-starrer Veer.

Ever since their first day together in London, the couple started having fights at the hotel they were staying in. The crew of Veer, who was staying in the same premises, witnessed the drama.

A member from the unit of Veer told Mumbai Mirror, “Alexandra used to scream a lot in the hotel. At one point, she even refused to let Aryan into their room. She locked the door from inside leaving Aryan banging at the door. The hotel staff opened the door with the master key. But Alexandra was in no mood to relent.”

According to sources, cultural differences are creating a rift between the couple. A friend of Aryan said, “Aryan and Alexandra had very petty fights. For instance, if Aryan wanted to watch Indian shows on TV, Alexandra preferred to watch English or American shows. Their choice of food was different; they could not even come to a consensus when it came to sight-seeing. It might sound inane, but when two people living under the same roof have so many differences for long, it builds up and finally blows out of proportion.”

Apparently, after a great deal of drama at the hotel, Alexandra flew to the US. Though Alexandra says she is planning to return to Mumbai next week, Aryan said, “We are still resolving our differences.”

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