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Katrina talks about her bday to Zoom!

Posted on: July 16, 2009

TIME TO CELEBRATE: Katrina Kaif cuts a cake to celebrate her birthday with Zoom

Katrina Kaif talks to Omar Qureshi for a Birthday Special on Zoom tonight

BOMBAY TIMES (July 16, 2009)

It’s the birthday of the cutest Katz alive. Yet, when I met Katrina Kaif just before she left for London, there was a melancholic mood enveloping those lovely features. She was upbeat about her success, but reflective on her own resolutions. So, to cheer her up, ZOOM cut a special cake and celebrated her birthday since she wasn’t planning to be here. Read on for some insights into a beautiful mind.

So Katz, I hear that you and Neil had a bit of a ‘stand-off’ initially before you became buddies?
Neil is a shy boy. He made me realise that sometimes you have to rewind a few steps and take things a little slowly; because I first mistook his shyness for arrogance. And he mistook my shocked expression for arrogance, too. So we both kinda, had a stand-off. Neil is a sweetheart and I enjoyed every moment working with him. We had a blast together later, so now people seriously think that either we’re ‘friends since the last 20 years’ or ’brother-sister’.

Do you think friendships and relationships affect film promotions? Because when it came to you and John, it wasn’t all smooth…
I can’t speak for John. But somewhere, sometimes, I felt that maybe it did bother him. But for me it was all hunky dory. I was the same laughing, joking girl, full of silliness, I always am at promotions. Maybe it was
newer territory for him. There were no cold vibes as such.

Last time round, your birthday generated a lot of news, is that why you’re away this year?
That’s not the reason. But I’d enjoyed my party. Whatever little incidents happened were a personal thing. But on the whole we had a good time.

Birthday resolutions?
Hmmm! You have to have goals, something you’re working towards, at least for me, for us Cancerians, it’s a must because otherwise we start feeling lost. I want to start taking a little more time out to spend, like,

every three-four months, with my sisters. I love my work and there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be. But I don’t want to look back and say that I spent my whole life working only. We sisters are young and in the same age group and I hardly ever see them. So I just want to
maintain that balance a little more.

Is Salman flying down for the birthday?

How does it affect you to read about your fights, a relationship — now okay, now a break up? Do you laugh about it all?
It’s kind of like looking at life with rose-tinted glasses. But to a
great extent, it’s a compliment. Because it means that many people are interested in you. The media is doing its job in reporting what it hears. Okay, sometimes they’re misinformed. But imagine if no one was talking about you? My idols were Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh – and if you see their larger-thanlife lives… these are people I dreamed of being. I say, ‘If they could go through it, so can I!’

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