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Agyaat based on ‘Jungle’ experiences

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Priyanka Kothari relives Urmila Matondkar’s spooky experience, also while doing an RGV film


No, Ram Gopal Varma is not jinxed. Or spooked. Lest you get that impression. But, yes, filmmakers revisit their own experiences. Not many know that RGV’s Agyaat, an adventure-thriller about a film unit shooting in dense jungles (with the absolutely hot Priyanka Kothari playing the lead actress), has been partially inspired from certain real-life experiences that his unit shooting the Urmila Matondkar-Fardeen Khan film Jungle had in 2000.
Jungle was shot in the Bandipur Forest Reserve in Karnataka. RGV revealed, “The forests were absolutely dense and the resort we were put up in was around 50 kms away from the location. In the course of the 40-day schedule, several unit members had paranormal experiences. Many talked about
how they felt they were being watched. It wasn’t exactly a supernatural experience but some people, including the lead actors, kept telling me about this eerie feeling they had of someone in the jungle watching them. One of the girls lost her way for half a day and when she returned to the unit, she was dumbstruck with fear. She returned to Mumbai that very day, abandoning the film.”

The filmmaker added, “We couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was. Some felt it was a wild animal lurking around, others felt it could be sandalwood smuggler Veerappan (who was killed in 2004), whose men were keeping a silent watch on us. Whatever it was, it sure spooked the hell out of us.’’ Since the experience of a film unit shooting deep in a jungle provided fodder for a dramatic premise, RGV has elaborately developed it into Agyaat. And like Urmila, who turned up the heat in Jungle, his current muse
Priyanka will scorch the screen this time around. — MI

BABE IN THE WOODS: Priyanka Kothari

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priyanka kothari is the best images in bane of river

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