Fenil and Bollywood

Boney has No Entry-2 and Mr India-2 in mind

Posted on: August 8, 2009

RECREATING MAGIC: Boney Kapoor; stills from Mr India and No Entry

Meena Iyer TIMES NEWS NETWORK  (BOMBAY TIMES; August 8, 2009)

That Boney Kapoor is releasing his much anticipated Salman Khan film Wanted around Eid this September, everyone knows. What is a big secret in the Bollywood producer’s life is that Boney is taking his relationship with Salman further by announcing his role in No Entry-2 (with Anil Kapoor, of course) in the same week. And, his Mr India-2 as well.

Boney is reluctant to discuss the
finer details of these sequels, naturally, but he is sure that wife Sridevi and brother Anil will definitely be part of Mr India-2 in some capacity or the other. BT spied on publicity designs of an invisible man (Mr India was invisible remember?) in a warm embrace with an attractive woman being readied for the launch of the sequel with the tagline “appearing soon”. And for No Entry-2, the tagline reads — “twice as wicked”. Boney, who shares a warm camaraderie with Salman, says, “I have received fantastic distribution offers for Wanted and am confident it will fetch a better price than Ghajini, so I’m elated. I’m also happy to be sitting on a hot property like No Entry. The film is one of the biggest hits of all time and making a sequel to it with Salman and Anil is the natural thing to do”.

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