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SPOTTED: Esha Deol after ages

Posted on: August 11, 2009

MY WAY: Esha Deol
My interests have changed, says Esha Deol who was spotted after ages in public


Guess who we spotted at a SoBo brunch on Sunday! Dharam and Hema’s elder girl Esha Deol making her first public appearance in, well, a real long time. She’s looking well-toned, especially the biceps and abs, whatever she’s been doing in the long absence, has been suiting Esha. The fitting black tee accentuated her curves and the swish set at the brunch, cast envious glances at her over delicate shoulders. More warm and relaxed than she’s ever been before, Esha admitted, “Yeah, I do workout regularly.” Don’t know if Bollywood is happening for her, but she’s training with her mother for a pan-Asian Bharatnatyam dance tour. “You will see me in the forthcoming films, of course. But my interests in life have been changing,” she said mysteriously. “My priorities have changed.”
— N T

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