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Akshay to flaunt his tattoos in Blue

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Akshay Kumar flaunts his love for fitness with two tattoos in Blue
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 20, 2009)

Ladies, there’s reason to cheer, for Akshay will be showing off his well-toned and muscular body, which will be enhanced by two tattoos in Blue. Akshay already has his son’s name tattooed on his back, while the word ‘blue’ has been temporarily inked on the back of his neck for the film.

A source said, “Akshay plays the character of a rich businessman who is obsessed with money and thirsts for more. He plays a driven man who does not hesitate to flaunt his arrogance and status. He owns the company, Blue Shipping & Fisheries, and is named Aarav in the film. It was director Anthony’s idea to have Blue tattooed on the back of Akshay’s neck as it would add that extra edge to his character. And it was sheer presence of mind to call Akshay’s character Aarav as he had already inked his son’s name on his back.”

When you’ve got it… flaunt it, we say.

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