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‘What’s Your Raashee?’ is also 3 hours long!

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Ashutosh Gowariker makes another three-hour long movie with What’s Your Rashee?
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 20, 2009)

Ashutosh Gowariker

Ashutosh Gowariker likes his films to unfold leisurely, without consideration for minor details like crispness and tight storytelling. What’s Your Rashee? is another three-hour saga, which may not please multiplexes as they prefer to restrict films to two-hours of running time.

At least 40 minutes of the three hours will be taken up by 13 songs. “But they are brief songs, none of them is longer than three minutes,” says Ashutosh. “Besides, the argument that sale of popcorn suffers when films are longer doesn’t hold water. How many of those feel-good films with the supposedly correct playing-time have done well? I don’t think a film’s length decides its box-office destiny. If it did, then Lagaan and Jodha-Akbar wouldn’t have worked. I’m least worried about the playing time of …Raashee?.”

What’s your Raashee? is based on a well-known novel Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye. Condensing the story of one potential groom’s tryst with 12 prospective brides wasn’t easy for Ashutosh. He says, “It has been a tough task. There were so many tracks and characters in the original novel. We modified and condensed the novel to make it cinematic, with the author’s permission, of course.”

Till now, only Sanjeev Kumar has played nine roles in Naya Din Nayi Raat, which is a record number in Bollywood. Now there is Priyanka Chopra in What’s Your Raashee? playing 12 parts, Ashutosh adds, “It’s not 12 girls from different parts of the country, as people are saying. All 12 girls that Priyanka plays are Gujarati. Unlike Sanjeev Kumar in Naya Din Nayi Raat, no prosthetics are used here. All the girls in …Raashee? are between the age of 23 and 24. They are different in dress, mannerisms, speech, hairstyle, etc.”

We hope this three hour long drama refrains from being too self-indulgent.


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