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Sallu’s Ganpati song in Wanted!

Posted on: August 22, 2009

SEEKING BLESSINGS: Salman Khan dances for the Lord in his forthcoming film. For more pictures of the Bollywood hunk, visit http://photogallery.indiatimes.com
Salman Khan shows love for Ganpati in song and dance for new film


This is a bit of a coincidence, really. Salman Khan shooting a song called Jalwa for his new film — Sahara Motion Pictures and S K Films Entertainment’s Wanted, that is picturised on Lord Ganesh, the presiding deity of Mumbai. The film is slated for release on September 18, the promos are on the air, and look… it’s Ganeshotsav tomorrow!

Salman is a believer in Lord
Ganesh, though his faith is Islam, and he also celebrates Christmas at home. That is because the ‘Khan’daan at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra west, is happily among the most cosmopolitan families in Mumbai. Father Salim Khan’s first wife Salma is a Maharashtrian Brahmin and the second, is former Bollywood swinger Helen, a Catholic. They celebrate Eid, Ganpati, Diwali and Christmas.
This year, again, Ganeshotsav and the holy month of Ramazan come together. The Khans are not always rozedars, they do not keep the rozas, but the parties, the drinking and the fun, is cut down during the holy period. Iftaars are held in the evening, the Khans prepare thals of food and delicacies that are sent to orphanages, old age homes, friends and relatives. And yes, they devoutly perform the Ganpati aarti because mother Salma brings home an idol of Lord Ganesh every year.

Salman takes time off from shootings to be home for the Ganeshotsav celebrations. And he participates in the aarti, sings and dances with the family as they cross the road and immerse the idol in the Bandra coast on visarjan day. “My house is a place for all kinds of worship,” the Bollywood hunk had told BT, “God is one, the route we take to connect with Him is different, par manzil toh ek hai.” And while he worships Ganpati, he has no special prayers to make
before the Lord. “He has given me everything… how much more greedy should I become,” Salman asked.

Meanwhile, fans will see him celebrate Ganeshotsav
in Wanted through the song Jalwa. It was shot all over Mumbai in ten days and features 200 junior artists and dancers. South dancing legend Prabhudeva choreographed the song along with Rajiv Surti and got Salman to dance like he has never before. They rehearsed for days before the shoot so that Salman could match up to Prabhudeva’s expectations. Salman himself could not help admitting, “It’s really amazing to see the dance steps I have done. I can’t believe that it’s me in the song, dancing like this, yakeen hi nahin hota ki aisa bhi kuch ho sakta hai! Prabhu is also in this song. As per my dancing capacity, what I’ve done is great, but itna bhi great nahin as compared to Prabhu!”

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