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Akki to star in Pramod Chakravarthy’s grandon’s film?

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Akshay Kumar immediately agrees to star in a film to be made by his mentor Pramod Chakravarthy’s son and grandson

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 05, 2009)

In Bollywood where relationships are based on one’s successes and failures, Akshay Kumar, despite being a superstar, certainly believes in standing by those who had helped him when he was a struggler. This is precisely why Akshay has agreed to star in Pramod Chakravarthy’s son Pradeep’s film, which will be directed by Pradeep’s son Prateek.

It was Pramod Chakravarthy who had given Akshay his Bollywood break with Deedar in 1992 opposite Karisma Kapoor. Akshay was a struggling actor for a long time till Pramodda gave him his first break in the film industry. Over the years, Akshay has always acknowledged the fact that whatever he is today it is because of Pramodda. Akshay has done two films with him, Deedar and Barood.

A source said, “Last week, Pramodda’s son, Pradeep had come to Mumbai from the US and that’s when he discussed the forthcoming film with Akshay who immediately agreed to star in it. Incidentally Pradeep’s son Prateek is filmmaker Vipul Shah’s assistant. It was Akshay who had introduced Prateek to Vipul after which he has been assisting Vipul for the last two years.”

Another source close to Akshay confirmed the news and said, “Akshay is known to do this for friends and he is definitely part of Pradeep and Prateek Chakravarthy’s film.”

Vipul Shah confirmed the news about Prateek and said, “Yes, Akshay had introduced me to Prateek about two years ago. Akshay told me that I must make Prateek my assistant and I immediately agreed. Prateek has assisted me in London Dreams and Action Replay.”

Despite repeated calls and text messages, Akshay Kumar remained unavailable for comment.


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