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Two dinners and movies don’t make a relationship-Lara Dutta

Posted on: October 7, 2009

When the promos of Blue are on, you can’t take your eyes of Lara Dutta’s sculpted body. And when you sit across her, her chirpy persona and deep throated laughter keep you glued to your seat. Here’s talking with the uber glam Lara Dutta

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 07, 2009)

We believe that initially you didn’t want to star in Blue because you didn’t know how to swim.
The first time the producers called me, I asked them what the film was all about. They told me that it is India’s first underwater action film. They were a little shocked when I stopped them immediately. That’s when they went to Akshay and asked him, “What’s wrong with her? We offered her the most expensive film in the Hindi film industry and she refused to hear the script.” Akshay called me up and asked me, “What’s wrong with you?” I said, “Have you gone mad? You know very well that I can’t swim. Why are you wasting your time?” And he said, “Take swimming lessons.” I had severe hydrophobia. I got a coach, who taught me to take the first lap in seven swimming sessions. Then for the next three months we just learnt how to swim and breathe underwater. For me it was a sink or swim situation.

Lara Dutta

How was the experience of shooting underwater?
We swam with sharks and rode wild turtles, man eating whales, wild dolphins, we went lobster hunting, picked them up in our hand. Now, I am more comfortable below the water than on the surface.

After Partner and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, you have signed very few films…
I don’t want to sign too many films. I am offered a lot of comedy but I don’t want it to become the only thing that I do. You need to find a balance somewhere. Most importantly, I would rather work in a set-up where I am happy, people that I like working with, not just doing a film for the sake of having a release or making money.

You were also writing a script.
I am writing. But the problem is I am bit of a perfectionist. I have written 20 drafts of it. But let’s see, I think everything has its own time.

There has been a lot of speculation about your personal life…
Yes there has been a lot of speculation about my personal life but I still want to say guys I am still single!! Tomorrow if the status changes I will make sure I let the world know about it. But at this point of time there is nothing that I can talk about. There is nobody to give importance to (laughs).

Does it disturb that you are being talked about more for your personal life than your work?
I don’t think it is disturbing. Everything comes when it is meant to come. And if anything is a burden to you then I think it’s not the right time in your life for it to happen. If there is any effort to be made then obviously the relationship is not meant to be. Tomorrow when it comes it will be effortless and it will be enjoyable.

You always spoke about Kelly but that was not the case with Dino…
Like I said, if it doesn’t have to do with my work then I really don’t see what difference it makes to anybody’s life. I think it is important for me to have something that is meaningful, and then I will talk about it. If you go out for two dinners, if you go out for two movies, it doesn’t qualify as a relationship. We are celebrities and people want to know about our lives, I think its ok. It’s part of the job.

So is your relationship with Mahesh Bhupati going through that period?
Which period are you talking about? Mahesh Bhupati’s company handles my work. That is the only relationship that I have with him.


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