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Madhur to make a film on Lalit Modi

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Madhur Bhandarkar, known for realistic cinema, will direct Commissioner, a film about Lalit Modi

By Vickey Lalwani and Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 09, 2009)

Madhur Bhandarkar’s next film after Jail may well be based on the Indian Premier League Commissioner Lalit Modi’s controversial life. Modi is one of the most powerful men in cricket and his dramatic life will make for a crackling screenplay.

Percept Picture Company will produce the film.

A couple of days ago, Madhur even met Lalit Modi at Vijay Mallya’s party in Bangalore. Modi is aware that Madhur has been asked to direct the film.

Lalit Modi

Madhur Bhandarkar

A source says, “There are a couple of other directors who are also in the fray. However, Madhur is the foremost contender for this film because he is a realistic filmmaker and this film simply cannot deviate from reality.”

Madhur said, “Yes, PPC made the offer, but I have yet to take a decision. Right now, I am tied up with the post-production work of another PPC film, Jail.”

Shailendra Singh, JT MD Percept Picture Company said, “It’s true that we are making Commissioner. We researched his life and the entire journey of IPL and we have written a fictional script. We had a brief chat with Shridhar Raghvan in South Africa to write the script. On Wednesday, we had a long discussion with Modi. He is excited, but preoccupied with the Champions League which started yesterday (Thursday). He said he will get back to us soon. He was very keen to know who will direct and we gave him some options. Now it depends on who likes the idea and who is available to make the film.”

Singh added, “We plan to release the film around the time the 2011 World Cup will be happening in India. Lalit Modi’s journey is quite amazing as he earned billions of rupees for BCCI in 22 days. It will be a dramatic story with content ranging from cricket to entertainment and it will also touch on match-fixing.”


1 Response to "Madhur to make a film on Lalit Modi"

I was wondering if Modi could be made coach of our national team at present. With people like John Buchanan, and the whole breed of laptop coaches around lately, Lalit Kumar wouldn’t exactly be a bad choice. He supremely tech savvy, he’d have all the training and party schedules of his team all jotted down on his Blackerry neatly. Using his powers of persuasion or bullying, or his ways over people, Modi would pressure all boards over the worlds to not allow any tournaments featuring India to be played in any other place other than India. This would help our team immensely so they are in ship shape condition to be the flat track bullies that they are after the IPL finishes

Modi will help ensure that all overseas players have to attend awesome sleazy parties every night before they play India. On the mind games front, Modi has no parallel. He would take over all press conferences and train the otherwise not so eloquent Dhoni in the art. He will intimidate and surprise the opposition with these mind games just like Jose Mourinho does, except that the Special One knows a thing or two about football. Think of it, Modi was the country’s Special One after all not so long time ago, wasn’t he?

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