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UTV pulls out of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna promos

Posted on: October 10, 2009

By Shaheen Parkar (MID-DAY; October 10, 2009)

UTV gayab from Main Aurr Mrs Khanna ads

The ads of Salman-Kareena starrer Main Aurr Mrs Khanna in newspapers, over the last three days, feature only Sohail Khan Productions without the mention of its co-producer UTV.

The disappearance of UTV’s name or of producer Ronnie Screwvala a week before its release has led to speculation about relations between the two companies.

“Sohail is miffed by UTV’s style of functioning, and this is his way of showing his displeasure,” a source said.


Earlier this week, Sohail and the UTV team had a showdown over monetary issues, according to the source.

Coming soon: The film stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor and releases on October 16

“Sohail had struck a deal for two films Kissan and Main Aurr Mrs Khanna with UTV. Due to Kissan’s thanda box-office release, UTV cut down the earlier deal of Rs 51 crore to Rs 31 crore.

But after  Wanted became a huge draw, Sohail asked for Rs 41 crore, which they refused. This irked Sohail and he had a fight with Ronnie,” the source added.

Sohail said, “There was no fight. Ronnie and I are good friends.” But the source insisted, “The reason Sohail is being diplomatic and denying the fight is because he is awaiting payments from UTV.

Once he obtains his monies, only then will he reveal the truth.” Director Prem Soni said, “Keep me out of this. Speak to the producers.”

The Other Side

UTV sources said, “UTV’s name was dropped at the behest of their auditors. UTV is in the midst of shifting offices from Mauritius, due to which there has been a lack of proper communication.”


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