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When Salim Khan gave Boney the much-needed help!

Posted on: October 10, 2009

When Boney Kapoor was going through a rough financial patch before the release of Wanted, Salim Khan generously offered Rs one crore to bail him out

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 10, 2009)

Boney Kapoor

Salim Khan

Boney Kapoor was moved to tears.  The producer was going through a rough financial patch before the release of Wanted; and sources say a traumatised Boney was ready to beg, borrow, steal to make his labour of love reach the theatres.

Of course, Salman Khan had been co-operation personified. He reportedly charged Boney only Rs 7 crore for the film, while his market price is nothing less than Rs 25 crore. A proud Boney wouldn’t dream of asking Salman for any more favours.

Boney shares a very close relationship with the entire Salim Khan khandaan. His son Arjun Kapoor even dated Salimsaab’s youngest daughter Arpita Khan once and the two remain best friends, so the Khans think of Boney as extended family.

Realising his predicament, Salim Khan actually met him and offered to lend him up to Rs one crore.

Salim is said to have told Boney, “Look, I’m not here to help in the capacity of the hero’s father. And, I can only offer you Rs one crore because that is the only amount I have immediate access to. So if you need it, I can make out a personal cheque to you from my side.’’

Salim Khan said, “I seriously don’t know what the fuss is all about. I think every human being should be doing this for a friend. I know people who have crores lying in Swiss banks and benaami accounts but they will not help you with even a lakh when it comes to the crunch. In fact, if you tell someone that you are looking for monetary help, that is the surest way of driving them away from your life. I think most of us are born selfish.

“And when one of us does something, like I did, I am looked at as an aberration. Honestly, tell me what good is my money if I can’t help someone in his hour of need. How much money, I won’t comment. It is entirely between Boney and me.”


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