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Kyunki his name is Ajay Devgn

Posted on: October 14, 2009

KISKA NUMBER AAYEGA: Will the figures add up for Ajay?

Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; October 13, 2009)

Mumbai: No, that’s not a typo. Nearly 18 years after he came into the film industry, Ajay Devgan has dropped the ‘a’ from his surname. Ajay’s brand new surname comes before the release of his home production All The Best. Last week the film ran into minor trouble with a copyright infringement lawsuit but its makers say they’re all set to release on Friday.

Celebrity numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani maintains that professional advice needs to be sought if one decides to follow any ‘science’. “Minus an ‘a’ the change in Ajay’s fortunes will be moderate. If he had added an ‘n’ to his surname, his number would add up to six—Shah Rukh’s number—and that would’ve been better for him,’’ explains Jumaani. He does believe, though, that Ajay should have worked on the title of his film. “The title remains untouched and adds up to number 8. This is a karmic number and can go either way,’’ Jumaani says.

Talking of titles, Jumaani predicts the new season of Bigg Boss will be a smash hit because the letters total up to 6—also Amitabh Bachchan’s number and a lucky number by itself.

The K-brigade seems to have run its course on the small screen. Explains numerologist Suniiel Naik, “The alphabet ‘k’ comes under the influence of the moon but that’s just one part of the story. Beginning the title with ‘k’ won’t help. The entire set of words need to be looked into until a powerful figure is arrived at.’’ TV producer Hemal Thakar was down in the dumps before he knocked
out a ‘k’ from his surname. Thakar has produced the popular Jeevan Satthi and will add an extra ‘g’ to the title of his latest serial Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag. Of the younger crop of actors, Kapoor khandan scion Ranbir will have a good year, predicts Jumaani. “He is a number 1 and has entered his 28th year. Also, Boney Kapoor’s Wanted is a big hit because he has turned 56 in the year 2009—both adding up to one.’’

Trade analyst Amod Mehra believes all these numbers don’t add up to much at the box office. “Dropping an ‘a’ or adding a ‘g’ to a name is definitely not going to help a film if it is bad,’’ he says. “All this is done by actors because of their personal insecurities. No science or superstition will help a bad product work at the box office.’’ Go figure.

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