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Paresh Rawal in Radio

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Paresh Rawal took up a 20-minute cameo in Radio and refused to take money from his Gujarati colleagues

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR, October 14, 2009)

Himesh Reshammiya & Paresh Rawal

The producers of Radio and Himesh Reshammiya wanted Paresh Rawal for a cameo so badly that they were willing to delete the cameo from the script if Paresh refused. But thankfully, they didn’t have any scrapping to do as Paresh agreed and refused any sort of remuneration too.

Our source said, “The makers of Radio desired to cast Paresh for a hilarious character that would have a 20-minute cameo. Himesh spoke to his producer and friend Rakesh Upadhyay who then spoke to Paresh. They had a meeting, and when Paresh heard the role of Zandulal Tyagi, an RJ who has a superhit radio show called Bahut Confusion Hai. he agreed and did not charge a penny. Paresh said we all are Gujjus and there is no need for any money.”

Talking about the incident, Himesh said, “Only Pareshbhai could have done justice to the character of Zandulal Tyagi. If he wouldn’t have agreed, I would have asked Ishaan Trivedi to drop the character. You have to see his character to believe it. I am aware that he does not do cameos anymore. It was very gracious of him to do it for me and Rakeshji and I are indebted to him.”


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