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Accident on the sets of Knockout; Sanju to the rescue

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Sanjay Dutt rushed to the aid of a lightman who fell from a height and ended up with severe head injuries

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 16, 2009)

The shooting of Sohail Maklai’s Knockout came to a standstill last evening when a lightman, Purushottam, fell from a height. The lightman injured his head severely and was immediately rushed to Lilavati hospital by Sanjay Dutt and producer Sohail Maklai. Sanjay personally escorted him to the hospital and ensured the best care for the technician.

Our source present on the sets said, “The shot was being taken near the canteen at Mehboob Studios when the lightman probably got electrocuted and fell down. The shoot was stopped. Everyone rushed to his aid as he was badly injured. His head was bleeding profusely and Sanjay, who was shooting there, was extremely concerned. He immediately asked his producer Sohail Maklai to get his car and asked a couple of guys to take him to Lilavati Hospital. Sanjay went with Sohail in his car and personally ensured that the guy was put through CT Scans and was taken care of immediately.”

At the time of going to print, the lightman had multiple stitches on his head.

Hussain Shaikh, the executive producer of the film confirmed the news, “The lightman Purushottam was injured. We are still unclear about how he fell, but it was probably due to an electric shock. He is out of danger, but he received multiple stitches on his head. Thankfully, he was in his senses till we took him to the hospital. Sanju and Sohailbhai were also present when he was in Lilavati hospital. We have now shifted him to Nanavati hospital, to be kept under observation.”


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