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MUMBAI MIRROR RUMOUR: Jacqueline-Sujoy are dating

Posted on: October 27, 2009

Aladin director Sujoy Ghosh and actress Jacqueline Fernandez share a lot including a love for ice cream. But is there more to the friendship?

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 27, 2009)


Jacqueline Fernandez

It is an age-old tradition in cinema for directors and lead heroines to be linked and while the stories are most often true, it can also be a case of their being genuinely good friends. The friendship between Sujoy Ghosh and his pretty Aladin heroine Jacqueline Fernandez falls somewhere in between.

Late Sunday evening tongues started wagging when the two were seen together sharing ice creams at a popular ice cream counter at Bandra. Later Ritesh Deshmukh joined them letting some of the fizz out of the gossip. But once started, the gossip just kept growing till several skeletons tumbled out of the closet.

The unit of Aladin thinks that Sujoy bought Jacqueline a Honda Civic worth nearly Rs 15 lakh. An insider from the sets of Aladin says, “Shuru mein Jacqueline rickshaw mein aati thi. Kuch din baad woh Honda Civic mein aane lagi. Unit mein log kahete hain ki woh Honda Civic Sujoy ne usko leke diya. (Earlier Jacqueline would come in a rickshaw. After a few days, she started coming in a Honda Civic. Unit members are saying that Sujoy has given the Honda Civic to her).”

The latest is that Sujoy has signed Jacqueline for three films. Jacqueline confirmed her three-film contract with Sujoy but added, “We have yet to finalise the details.” In fairness to Sujoy, many producers and directors sign multi-film deals with their discoveries.

When asked about the buzz about her proximity to Sujoy, Jacqueline replied, “Firstly, Sujoy hasn’t gifted me a Honda Civic. People can think whatever they want to. Yes, I did go for an ice-cream with Sujoy on Sunday evening, but Ritesh was also there with us. What’s wrong with that?”

Sujoy Ghosh

Commenting on the rumours about his closeness with Jacqueline, Sujoy said, “Jacqueline and I are very good friends. Is that a clichéd answer? Yes, we do hang out together with a group of friends. Sometimes, we go out alone too. Even today (yesterday evening), we are going to a suburban 5-star hotel for the film’s publicity and we will be returning from there together. But there’s nothing going on between us.”

Let’s give them the benefit of doubt, for now.


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