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Nana Patekar-Prakash Jha slug it out

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Close friends Nana Patekar and Prakash Jha had a heated argument on the sets of Rajneeti; Nana stormed out of the sets and refuses to be placated despite repeated attempts by Jha

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (October 30, 2009)


Prakash Jha Nana Patekar

The hotheaded Nana Patekar fought with his closest friend, director Prakash Jha, while they were shooting together in Bhopal for Rajneeti. On Wednesday afternoon, the two had a serious fight on the sets following which Nana walked out of the sets. Since then, all attempts by Jha to convince Nana and cool him down have been in vain.

A source from the sets said, “No one knows what exactly happened because of which Nana completely lost his cool. The two were discussing some scenes when an argument ensued as Nana had a different take on the scenes while Prakash Jha had another opinion on how to shoot them. The discussion soon turned into a long and heated argument and eventually led to a big fight.”

According to the source, the fight turned ugly and abusive in front of the entire unit and it reached a stage where Nana grabbed Prakash Jha’s collar. However, better sense prevailed and Nana stormed off the sets and reached his hotel room from where he booked his tickets to Mumbai. In the evening, Prakash Jha called up Nana to placate him but he refused to budge. All attempts by unit members to convince Nana not to go to Mumbai failed and Nana is in no mood to shoot for the film.

Commenting on Nana’s remaining portions in Rajneeti, another source said, “Many vital scenes with Nana still have to be shot and Prakash Jha is worried about what will happen next. Whatever happens, Nana has sworn that he won’t work with Jha again.”

Jha confirmed the news that he and Nana had a serious quarrel on Wednesday after which Nana stormed out of the sets. “But this is not the first time that Nana has done this, or is it? Difference of opinions toh hote hi rehte hain. He still has to shoot for the film. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to work with me anymore. You’ll have to ask him because he hasn’t said so to me.”

Nana Patekar remained unavailable for comment.


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