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Anita-Eijas break up

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Anita Hasanandani and Eijaz Khan, who were to wed early next year, have called it quits

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 02, 2009)


Anita Hasanandani and Eijaz Khan, who were in a relationship for almost four years, have called it quits.


Cupid struck when they started working together in Kkavyanjali, in which they were the lead pair. The couple was supposed to tie the knot early next year but recently things went terribly wrong between them and they decided to split.

Explaining the reason for the breakup, a friend of Anita says, “The reason in one word is incompatibility. Lately, Anita and Eijaz were always fighting. If you want to live under the same roof and don’t meet at a common point on most things, it is better to re-evaluate the relationship and take a call. That’s exactly what Anita and Eijaz did. They realised that their relationship was turning ugly and decided to step back.”

The parting was not very amicable and they are not on talking terms. “Whatever happened has happened for the best. It is better to be safe than sorry. Both of them realised in time that their relationship was not meant to be. Anita will take a long time to come out of this split, but she is a brave girl and will definitely move on in life,” adds the source.

Anita confirms that she and Eijaz are not a couple anymore and says, “Yes, Eijaz and I have called off our relationship. I am single. I don’t want to say anything more.”

Eijaz remained unavailable for comment.


1 Response to "Anita-Eijas break up"

Heys plz dnt part ways…u r made 4 each other…plzzzz dnt do that u r making me cry.I think their is some misunderstanding between u..Dnt tke decision hastily.my GOD bless both of u…

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