Fenil and Bollywood

Watch out for Vivek in Kurbaan!

Posted on: November 17, 2009

Karan Johar on Vivek Oberoi’s role in Kurbaan, and why the actor has been missing from the promos of the film



Vivek Oberoi is all set to impress the audience in Kurbaan that’s being produced by Dharma Productions. The actor who hasn’t been seen in the initial promos of the film will be very much a part of it. While rumour mongers were wondering why was the actor being kept out of the publicity campaign, we got to know that it’s all a part of the publicity strategy. Producer Karan Johar says, “It has been a planned strategy because we didn’t want people to think that this is another love triangle between Saif, Kareena and Vivek. Yes, the movie is a love story between Saif and Kareena, but Vivek isn’t part of a triangle.” Speaking about Vivek’s role in the movie, Karan says, “Vivek’s character takes the movie forward. It’s very important to the movie.” Vivek’s act will definitely be one of the USPs of the film. “He has done absolute justice to his character. Watch out for him!” adds Karan. The actor will now also be a part of the second round of promotions.


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