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Salman saves co-actor’s life

Posted on: November 21, 2009

Had it not been for Salman Khan’s quick thinking, actor Bunny Anand would have lost his life while shooting for Veer

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2009)

If Salman Khan hadn’t been alert and physically strong, actor Bunny Anand, who co-stars with him in Vijay Galani’s forthcoming film Veer, wouldn’t have been alive. Salman saved Bunny’s life on the sets of the film a few days ago.

While shooting for a train robbery sequence for the film in Rajasthan, Bunny and actor Vicky Mehra were riding their respective horses and Salman was supposed to balance himself keeping one leg each on the two horses. There were many other actors on their horses around Salman, Bunty and Vicky with a train fast approaching to their left.

Director Anil Sharma called ‘action’ and everything was proceeding smoothly until Bunny accidentally lost his balance and was about to fall off the horse he was riding. A source said, “Salman immediately realised that Bunny would seriously hurt himself. He grabbed Bunny by his collar and pulled him up. If Salman had acted even a fraction of a second late, Bunny would have not only fallen off his horse but also would have been crushed to death by the horses that were running at breakneck speed behind them.”

Bunny was so shaken up after the incident, that he was unable to give a retake.

Bunny confirmed the news and said, “Salman bhai saved my life. I don’t know how to repay him.”

“When I first heard about the incident, a shiver ran up my spine. Thanks to Salman, we did not have any untoward accident on the sets that day. I will never forget how he saved Bunny,” said producer Galani.

A still from Veer, Bunny Anand (circled)

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