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Himesh cant smile saala?!

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Unlike his sociable character in Radio, Himesh Reshammiya wants to be portrayed as a very serious man in real life

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 02, 2009)

Himesh in a rare smiling still in Radio

Unlike Himesh Reshammiya’s role of a bubbly smiling RJ in Radio, the actor in real life goes around looking very intense and refuses to wipe the grim look off his face, even when he poses for pictures. Not just photo shoots, at events too, Himesh is totally into the serious look these days.

Revealed a source, “At an event recently, Himesh was posing for pictures for the media. The photographers repeatedly asked him to smile, but Himesh was on his own trip and no amount of ‘please Himesh bhai’ from the photographers worked. And Himesh walked away, smiling as he chatted with his celebrity friends. One enthusiastic photographer did manage to capture that moment, only to have Himesh request him to reshoot. He then controlled his laughter and transformed into his serious avatar again.”

The source added, “What we fail to understand is why Himesh insists on being captured with a grave look, when his character in Radio is funny and smiling. So why be photographed in a not-so-lively look?”

When we quizzed Himesh on this, he said, “In Radio I play a radio jockey who solves people’s problems and smiles all the time. Why would I want to be serious in real life?”


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