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My son Auro completes me-Vidya Balan

Posted on: December 4, 2009

FAMILY TIME: Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan on the joys of bringing up her special child

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 4, 2009)

Vidya Balan admits that Reliance BIG Entertainment’s Paa that is releasing today, is her personal favourite. “I have waited anxiously to showcase my son Auro’s film. I want to see how the world reacts to him,” said Vidya, who can’t help but smile everytime someone mentions his name. Auro has a rare disease — Progeria. “There are many things he can’t do that normal children can. He knows he is different from the others, yet he is such a happy child,” said Vidya and added, “each morning when I drop him off to school, he tugs at my heartstrings. Being away from him is difficult.”

She admitted that between her and Abhishek (who plays Paa), she is the stricter parent. “I don’t let Auro eat pickle because pungent food makes him restless. Yet, sometimes he gets adamant and insists on being served pickles,” said the concerned mom. But her child’s special she said and he proves that when he takes the pickle and puts it in her plate instead.
“Honestly, I don’t think I want a child other than Auro. He completes me. He is just such a bundle of joy; and though there are moments when I feel slightly defeated, I never ask why Auro happened to me? Instead, I maintain that he’s a special gift that I have received,” said Vidya.

And about her relationship with Auro’s Paa, she said, “Like most couples, we have our differences. But the reason why we bond is because we both love Auro.”

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