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Divya Bharati’s cousin to debut as an actor

Posted on: December 9, 2009

Late actress Divya Bharti’s cousin,Kainaat Arora, is ready to make her acting debut

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 09, 2009)

Kainaat Arora, late actress Divya Bharti’s second cousin, will soon make her acting debut with Gup Chup Gup Chup. She also has an item number in Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha, starring Akshay Kumar.

Kainaat was born in the same town as Divya (Sarangpur). She went on to study in the same school as Divya (St Mary’s) and then shifted base to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting. “Two years ago I came to Mumbai from Delhi after completing a course from NIFT and after doing some modeling assignments. I met OP uncle (Divya’s father) as soon as I came to Mumbai. I will never forget the way their family stood by me when I decided to become an actress. OP uncle said that after Divya, it was my turn to make everyone proud. He introduced me to Sajid Nadiadwala (who Divya was married to),” said Kainaat.

Kainaat Arora

Talking about her debut film, Kainaat said, “Gup Chup Gup Chup happened by chance and I am the only actress in this comic thriller. Later, I met Priyan (Priyadarshan) sir at a function in Kerala. He told me that I looked familiar; he had forgotten that I had done three ad films with him. Soon, he offered me a song in Khatta Meetha, which I immediately agreed to do. When I first met Sajid, he told me a lot of things about Divya didi.”

When asked if she remembers anything about Divya, Kainaat said, “I was very young when didi passed away. I remember her coming to Sarangpur after her film Vishwatma had released. A crowd had gathered outside our house. I hope I make it. I want didi to be proud of me. She was a fantastic actress and if I become half of what she was, I will be very happy.”


17 Responses to "Divya Bharati’s cousin to debut as an actor"

i wish Kainaat a very best of luck,let her make it as big as her Divya didi(divya bharti)….i pray that she makes Om uncle and his family proud.as she has got a great opportunity to work with Priyan,Akshay Kumar…lets pray for her success and good luck

i 100% agree wid ur comments
she will definitely make her didi proud

She looks good. Rest the acting speaks in Bollywood. Hope she doesn’t get stuck in Item numbers.

I wish her to reach great heights of success like Divya did. All the best dear!

All the best for your career and wishing you success for your future.

Its good to see you (charu)Kainaat arora.All the best for your career,and one more thing you are from saharanpur not (Sarangpur).


hi kanayat. tum divya ke papa ke sapane pure kare jo divya na kar payi

all the best kainaat. By sending you you love and good wishes I feel connected back to Divya Bharti I still miss her. She was a bomb….a fantastic star actress on her own ….others were insercure because how she out shone them. I hope you get to read this.
from now on I will look out for all your interviews in the hope of hearing more facts and stories about Divya Bharti.
I hope she reincarnates and becomes a indian actress with the same face and becomes the number 1 star…super star and actress and shows her murderers……she is the best.

hi i am Amardeep Bharti
kainaat i hope ki jo sapne Divya didi ne adhure chor diya wo tum pura karoge,,,,

I wish kainaat a lot of luck love blessings and protection. I love Divya Bharti I was 13 when Divya Bharti passed away. I was really hurt and upset and lost. I never stopped loving her and watching enjoying her films music and dances. She was a DYNAMITE. Kainaat I hope you read this and let her parents know she lives in my heart forever. I will join films in few years and will do something very special for Divya Bharti and I hope I meet you.

Kainaat you did a good job in Khatta Meetha keep it up. One thing you two sisters have in common the sex appeal. Look after yourself and stay close to Sajjid Nadiadwala and have patience and be tough. You have to do well and brilliant you have all the Divya Bharti fans support behind you. YOU GO GIRL AND ROCK IT ROCK YOUR BOATS AND KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF in work! 🙂 plus you dance well and you have the height and looks. bus just keep your eye on the ball like a calm eagle. Lots of love Sabihaxxxxxx

Kannat mein chahta hu ap apni didi divya bharti half film chod di ap ise pura apkokrna

best of luck kainat
make sure ur didi will be proud of you.
gr8 item song in KM

best of luck kainaat

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best of luck kainaat…and those who believe that sajid nadiadwala is behind her murder are wrong it had been proved now..and i know and her parents know that sajid loves divya more than anything till now also…shivsena and bloody hindus were involved in her murder they were the main conspirator Because she converted to islam after marriage with sajid nadiadwala and changed her name to SANA NADIADWALA.

Good Luck..Kainnat.

Good Luck..Kainnat

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