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Models insist Akki to cast them in his next; Akki embarassed

Posted on: December 12, 2009

Models walking the ramp for a high-profile lingerie show on Thursday surrounded an embarrassed Akshay Kumar and insisted he cast them in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 12, 2009)

When Akshay Kumar went to see the Farah Khan-choreographed lingerie show, little did he know that the models would flaunt more than the products. They decided to convince him of their other skills as well – acting and high drama, for they almost got into a catfight. If the lingerie wasn’t enough, this was a great way to ahem, arouse interest.

Akshay is starring in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan and they rightly deduced that he would need a leading actress. This was a perfect opportunity to market themselves to the star. Farah is already inundated with calls from actresses to play the role, so this was their chance and they started on the ramp itself.

Says a source who attended the show, “Akshay and his wife Twinkle were seated in front of the stage. Those girls were smiling at Akshay from the ramp itself.”

As soon as the lingerie show was over, three girls from the show walked up to Akshay and said, “Tees Maar Khan mein fit kara do.” Akshay smiled and casually told them that there was only one female lead in that film. At this, all three of them started insisting that they were better than the other two.

Realising that the girls were in no mood to relent, Akshay palmed them off to Farah Khan, who was mingling with the guests at the time.

Yet the girls followed Akshay, who soon got a bit embarrassed because Twinkle was with him. This time, he turned to them and said rather categorically, “Please understand. It doesn’t work like this. You have to speak to Farah only.”

Sensing that they better follow his advice, the girls then went over to Farah. Says an eyewitness, “They even gave her their portfolio.”

We called Farah, who dryly remarked, “Yes, I know about this. Those girls were auditioning for Akshay.”

“All the girls who participated in the show had great bodies. I have collected quite a few portfolios in the last few days. Let’s see who gets selected eventually,” added Farah.


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