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Sush adopts once again

Posted on: December 19, 2009

Sushmita Sen is busy doting on her newly-adopted baby, three-month-old Alisah

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 19, 2009)

For some time, there has been  buzz that Sushmita Sen wanted to adopt another baby. Well, the unconventional Sushmita who has always lived life on her own terms has fulfilled her desire. She has adopted a three-month-old girl child. Sushmita already has an adopted daughter, Renee.

Sushmita tells us, “I am feeling on top of the world. I have named her Alisah, which in Greek means joyful. She is a very happy child. She will win you over in one minute.”

Alisah slept with Renee in her room for the first two weeks. Sushmita says, “That was Renee’s condition. Now, however, Alisah has a room of her own.”

Sushmita has been shopping for clothes and toys for Alisah for long. She says, “You have to see Alisah’s room. It is like a play van.”

However, Sushmita has still not come to that stage where she will have to wake up in the middle of night because Alisah has stirred and is crying. “That stage is a little far away. Actually, Alisah is a very peaceful baby,” she laughed.

Was the actress looking for a sibling for her daughter Renee? Did Renee want company? “Of course. But you know what, I wanted to be a mother all over again. Motherhood is very special. Bahut dinon se khayyal tha lekin High Court ruling ka problem tha.

Renee and Sushmita Sen

The earlier rule was that if you have adopted a girl as your first baby, you can’t adopt another girl child. And I wanted a girl. Thankfully, three months ago, the High Court changed the ruling. You can’t imagine how happy I was after hearing that. Honestly, I was over the moon. And I am still over the moon,” Sushmita ended very happily.


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