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Avatar 3D glasses of sub-standard quality?

Posted on: December 24, 2009

The 3D movie Avatar may have raked in millions at the box-office worldwide, but the quality of 3D glasses in city multiplexes is getting worse by the day

By Kunal Guha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 23, 2009)

The cash registers are ringing in merry money – a good Rs 22 crore in box office receipts in India alone for the opening weekend – and Avatar is turning out to be one of those word-of-mouth monster hits. But movie-goers are complaining about the kaaniya quality of the 3D spectacles being provided at theatres.

The complaints are many: from slipping off the nose to the fingerprints of the spectator’s former avatar. Thirty-three-year-old software professional Sameer Gharat narrates his experience of watching Avatar at Imax, Wadala: “The 3D glasses offered to me ruined my movie-watching experience to say the least. They were uncomfortable to wear as they only had a one-size-fits-all.

A still from the movie Avatar

Also, I was required to take off my own spectacles to wear the 3D glasses as they wouldn’t sit atop my own. Being a bit big in size, they would sit very low on the nose, while most people prefer the bridge of the specs to be at the top of the nose. Also, you generally tend to focus on the middle part of the screen. But if you look to the corner of the screen, your line of vision strays out of the frame, ruining the 3D experience.”

With the number of 3D movies that have released this year, one would expect multiplexes to be better equipped to nip such issues in the bud. But glasses slipping off and the uncomfortable experience are not the only issues.

Nandita Singh, a 26-year-old software professional who watched Avatar at the same theatre, suffered from the problem of lack of clarity. “I was forced to tilt my head to either side and this got my vision blurred and felt like I wasn’t wearing 3D glasses at all. Also, the 3D glasses weren’t hygienic and I had to clean the dirty fingerprints smeared all over its film.”

A 3D movie offers much more than an average movie with respect to overall viewing experience. But the pleasure of this experience can be hampered if the 3D glasses are of sub-standard quality or aren’t maintained regularly.

Twenty-nine-year-old training manager Mala Banerji, who saw the extravagant 3D movie at Big Cinemas at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, shares her woes, “The 3D glasses they gave were too big and were slipping off my face and I had to hold on to them throughout the movie.

Also, I could see through the gap between the glasses from either side, so it was distracting. This killed the movie for me as I couldn’t concentrate and you need to be totally engrossed in a movie like this to truly enjoy it.”

However, a source from 20th Century Fox, who did not wish to be named, rubbished the claims. “Our responsibility is restricted to delivering a clean finished product, which is what Avatar is. The 3D glasses and 3D projector is something that the exhibitors hire. It is their responsibility and they should take care to maintain them. Glasses need to be cleaned.

Defective glasses need to be replaced. If these precautions are not taken, you will have the odd complaint,” said the source.


4 Responses to "Avatar 3D glasses of sub-standard quality?"

This must be dependent on the country you see it in. I just saw the movie with my girlfriend {we are in Toronto Canada} and the glasses not only fit over both of our normal glasses, but came prepackaged in sealed plastic. So obviously the “Source” did Not “Rubbish” since it is clearly the responsibility of the theatres to maintian a clean projector and clean 3D glasses if the previous patron choose to return them afterwards. The Ones I got, and kept, are different than the pink ones in the picture you posted. They are Black, a different shape and can be seen in the “Your URL” box

I watched the movie in Bangalore Jayanagar INOX theatre. It was disgusting till the first half of the movie. (Mind I’m not complaining about the movie). They gave me and my wife totally screwed up 3d glasses. The movie was blurred the letters in the subtitles were blurred and seen double. Matter of fact they collected a deposit of RS 200 for these insane pair of glasses (The movie tickets were Rs 250/head). At the interval I got the glasses replaced. Atleast a minute testing in the beginning of the movie could have helped us audience and there should have been some way of replacing the glasses would have been great. We could appreciate the movie only in the second half when the 3D effect was actually visible.

So people if you see the background images blurred and see the letters doulbled then its an indication of bad glasses. And with bad glasses not only is your viewing bad, it causes pain and irritation to the eyes.

Theatres should be held responsible. They made their money and we ended up losing the fun.

I watched this movie in the US and the glasses were perfect + came in a sealed plastic wrap. It must be country specific. It must be so annoying to pay that much for a movie and get that kind of service. Perhaps a better idea is to buy your own 3D glasses and take them with you.

it seems a logical solution to all of this is for a glasses company, like foster grant, to make high quality glasses that we buy and keep ourselves. the day of quality 3d has arrived. unfortunately and amazingly the glasses for viewing the 3d is still in a primitive stage of development. eventually some entrepreneur will q to the idea that there is a fortune to be made in quality 3d glasses.

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