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Movie Review: 3 IDIOTS by FENIL SETA

Posted on: December 26, 2009

Although 51 weeks had passed in 2009, it still seemed incomplete. There was not a single Hindi flick this year which could be happily showered with never-ending appreciation and 5/5 ratings. Thankfully, 3 Idiots has arrived in the final week and given us the much needed ‘film of the year’! To tell you the truth, I am finding it difficult to express my satisfaction and happiness in words. Rajkumar Hirani has come up with an extremely superior product. And like his previous Munnabhai flicks, 3 Idiots also entertains and at the same time enriches! And the enlightment is such that will remain with you for a long time and would not vanish away after coming out of theatre! Needless to say, it’s a must watch!!

The story of the movie: Farhan (R Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) are in search for their college friend, Ranchoddas aka Rancho (Aamir Khan) who has vanished after the convocation. They missed him terribly as he was a special friend. He was different from others. He reaffirmed the simple ideas of life which were left behind by everyone for ‘textbook knowledge’ which results in profitable future. He propagated his ideas in a humanistic manner without fear and thus, challenged even the head of college, Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani). He inspired Farhan and Raju to think out of the box and to not end up mugging knowledge. Watch the film to find out where Rancho had disappeared and why.

3 Idiots is a winner from the first scene! The essence of the film could be explained even in serious manner but then that would have been too boring. Rajkumar Hirani smartly uses his smart technique of making us laugh (like hell) throughout the film but at the same time, giving us some important lessons of life. Also, what is immensely likeable about Hirani’s style is the protagonist’s character sketch. In all the 3 films, the lead actor is a source of positivity, giving important teachings in a sweet manner and spreading smiles everywhere. Rancho is also Munna Bhai and vice versa!

The film is wonderfully structured and perfectly comes back and forth (the flashback portion is running parallel in the film). The first scene, where Madhavan exits from the plane which has already taken off sets the mood. Then the ragging session where Rancho enters the film and teaches a nice lesson to the seniors was simply outstanding scene! Undoubtedly, the funniest scene in the film was where Chatur aka Silencer (Omi) gives the speech on Teacher’s Day. Believe me, it would bring the house down for sure! After a loooong time, I was laughing uncontrollably for 5 minutes continuously! This reminds me-the humour in the film is not slapstick or crass-it’s novel and something that would surely tickle your funny bone!

The intermission point was bewildering but the mystery unravels beautifully in the 2nd half. The best thing about 2nd half is you can never guess what will happen next. When a conflict arises, it is solved well in time and when you feel the film is ready for the climax, another conflict surrounds the main characters. However, one doesn’t get bored and doesn’t get impatient for the film to get over. Everyone will enjoy and get engrossed to whatever is dished out by Hirani.

The delivery sequence (involving Mona Singh) was just fabulous. It shows that quick and out of the box thinking can save the day when all our knowledge fails. Just brilliant! As for the climax, it was totally justified. The film touches various topics concerning student life (including student suicide) and depicts and debates in a just manner.

Each character had a purpose in the story and not a single one was unnecessarily added. Aamir Khan, without a shred of doubt, was the most important character of the film and needless to say, he was amazing! The best part is the way he slipped easily into the character of a student and came out with flying colours. Notice the manner in which he scratches his head and ears, the way he walks, his mannerism and body language-all matched with that of a restless and mischievous student. Also, seeing Aamir as Rancho, you’ll forget all his past performances. You’ll forget that he is the same Aamir who played the ferocious amnesic in Ghajini or the lovely teacher in Taare Zameen Par. Like all his recent films, 3 Idiots will also be remembered for a long long time to come!

R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi also maintained a strong position throughout the film. Madhavan is the narrator and does a great job in it. Also rocking was his beautiful performance in the airplane scene and his confrontation with his father. Sharman, on the other hand, did full justice to his character which was no easy task.

Boman Irani rocks! I had mentioned earlier too that it’s extraordinary that this actor plays a different kind of character in all his films and each performance stands out from the other. Here, he was great as strict disciplinarian and watch out for his dialogue delivery! Kareena Kapoor (as Pia), too, has an important role and looked lovely in the bespectacled look. Nice to see that after delivering 3 flops in this year, she finally came up with a winner! Omi was exemplary! Everyone will surely love his chamatkaar speech! What an actor he is! Mona Singh has amazing screen presence. Although her role here was miniscule, she would hopefully receive more offers after this film. Jaaved Jaaferi and Parikshit Sahni were alright in their small roles. Others were good.

Shantanu Moitra’s music was melodious and ‘ear-catching’ (can I use this phrase?!). Best song was of course Aal Izz Well. Zoobi Doobi’s picturisation was amazing. Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe was quite touching.

Sanjay Wandrekar, Atul Raninga and Shantanu Moitra’s background score was perfect. C K Muraleedharan’s cinematography was flawless and he’s one of the contenders for Best Cinematography for sure. Watch out for the lensman’s amazing aerial shots in the song Behti Hawa Sa!

The film is loosely inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s first novel Five Point Someone. Hirani has smartly adapted only some portions of the book and interpreting and modifying it to suit the story. Hirani along with Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi wrote the screenplay which was brilliant to say the least!

Finally, Hirani came up with the story and directed the film too. Like his previous flicks, here too, he raised questions but didn’t turn the situation overdramatic or serious. He kept it light by adding jokes and funny situations and at the same time giving us an important lesson-do what you feel like in life. Even ‘Rock On!!’ had touched this topic but 3 Idiots will have a wider reach. Also note the outstanding way in which he handled Sharman’s suicide sequence beautifully! Hats off to these geniuses! Keep delivering such meaningful flicks!

Some of the best scenes of the film:

1.       The first scene
2.       All songs
3.       The ragging session
4.       Rancho in the first lecture
5.       Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus tells Rancho to teach in the class (amazing!)
6.       Rancho and Farhan at Raju’s place
7.       Rancho meets Pia in the wedding
8.       Rancho and Pia bring Raju’s dad to hospital
9.       The intermission point
10.     Farhan and Raju with Jaaved Jaaferi (hilarious!)
11.      The chamatkaar speech!
12.     Drunk Rancho enters Pia’s room
13.     Rancho and gang trying their best to make Raju normal
14.     The last 25 minutes

On the whole, 3 Idiots is undoubtedly the best film of 2009! Whether you are a student or parent or professor, this one’s a must for all! Needless to say, missing it can be a big crime! Commercially, the film should be the 2nd film after Ghajini to cross 100 crore collections in domestic market! All Izz well indeed!

My rating-***** out of 5!

This review first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/3_Idiots-182740-1.html

22 Responses to "Movie Review: 3 IDIOTS by FENIL SETA"

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awesome movie….rating 5/5 …no words to express…amazing movie!! 🙂

Nice review, though the film quite fell below my expectation. It turned out to be just another Bollywood film.


Kabir-Thanks a lot! Ohh is it? But still I guess you’ll recommend it, right?


Hay Rawraj…

you should watch the movie first and than say that are they not looking in the college student roles. They justified the role too well… specially The Amir’s Style.. how he walk…how he act… and how he made expressions….

And also mind my words… it’s not a DVD kindda movie… you should watch in theater and then we can discuss more about the movie… may be you can be a critic but I am sure you’ll love it from heart even if you don’t except….

Hay Fenil… really nice review…. 5 out of 5…..

Just happened to read Tanya comment, checked out Masands review. Even he says that aamir fails to appear as a 20 odd something.
I might not like the movie as for me the casting is very important, most of all I cannot leave my brain behind and watch any movie, I cant shut it off it works like a reflex action :-P.
These kind of movies give birth to new stars, since young actors are needed but not the case in bollywood.
i never did watch swadesh and never will watch Delhi 6 because of the actors its hard to watch a “good movie” when some things(like i cants stand SRK or AB cause they are Hams) just dont measure up of fit in.

@Tanya Akshay looks even older than aamir

Good review Fenil.
I have not watched the movie, the scene with aamir and kareena you put up reminds me of the rain song of Sonali Bendre and Aamir in his older movie.
I still find it hard that people actually had no problem with these 40 year olds and 30+ guys playing college students.
I am sure there is lot of good actors who are of the same age as college students. wonder why no one takes them. This is one place where bollywood lacks.
They just do not have the guts to take fresh actors that suit the role even if the script/story and direction is perfect
I might catch this one on DVD thanks to your review, just to check out the story(and also I liked munnabhai very much)

Good movee but nt tht great i will give 3 out of 5..chamatkar scene was bst in recent time…but scond half was nt vry good…delivery scene to itna bura tha…emotinal scene r nt good..but comedy scene r bst…i respect ur view but 5 bahot zyaada ho gaya…plz dont mind fenil..but i dont like ur review n i dont knw hw u like delivery scene..

I m nt an akshay fan..but tll me if movee me akshay hota amir ke place par..to iske kitne star milte 2 or 3…i will go wth rajeev masand review..

If this movie has inspired such a good review, I have no doubt it will be good 🙂 I will be watching it next weekend. I am a huge fan of Raju Hirani movies and its good to know that this time too he has delivered!

reply to rawraj:

Hey nice to see you here! Thanks for appreciating! Even I used to feel the same when 3 Idiots was launched. But trust me, Aamir looks like a convincing collegian. He has effortlessly slipped into the character of Rancho. Mark my words, you’ll forget that you are watching the 44 year old Aamir who has married twice and has teenaged son!

The 20-something actors that we have at present are not superstars; they would have not attracted audiences like Aamir did. And now, after watching Aamir playing Rancho wonderfully, its difficult to say if any other younger actor would have done such a nice job!

Watch it in theatre if possible! Keep rocking! 🙂


reply to:

Chirag: Thanks a lot for appreciation

rawraj: Okk bosss…got your point. And I respect it! 🙂

Shahzad: Thanks Shahzad for your comment! Every1 has their own likes and dislikes. In other words, pasand apni apni! I found the delivery scene quite novel although I agree that there were flaws in that scene. In fact, the film is full of flaws. But the entertainment and satisfaction it provides overpowers the glitches. That’s why I gave it 5 on 5.

Tanya-LOL…hahahaha! Nice one! I do agree-some kind of biasedness is there when it comes to Aamir’s flicks. Critics view Aamir’s flicks more positively approach than for Akki’s films! But I am not in that category. I gave 4/5 to De Dana Dan as I enjoyed it immensely!

Shalu-Thanks so much! Do go for it and I hope you like it!


I m nt talking abt age of actors..masand ne bas ek baar age ko mention kiya tha..i m talkng abt movee..if akki was dere ..thn people said chamatkar,delivery scene are vry bad..sab kehte mindless scene tha…and pople will say it a mindless movee…hw a person cn do engeenearng frm bst colleage of india wo bhi doosre ke naam pe..3i me studnt sucide wala topic accha tha uske alawa ths is like any othr akshay movee mindless comedy…

N swadesh is my fav movee…if tumne nahi dekhi to main tumhara ilaj nahi kar sakti bcoz i m nt a doc..go n consult to a docter

You talk like a 12 year old :-P.
I was talking about swadesh in an entire different context.
Movie is excellent, no doubt about it. The story is amazing.
But SRK is a ham actor. Even in the promos you could see him hamming.
I almost cry whenever someone talks about swadesh, everything was good the music, cinematography everything.
But because of SRK I just cannot watch it.
If I become a arabpati i will get Swadesh remade with another actor and watch it again :-P.(same for Delhi 6)

At fenil:ths why i read ur read ur review befor watching any movee…maine tumhara de dana dan ka review padha thn mai gayi n i enjoyed the movee..nd fenil hws sajda frm mnik i loved it n u

No other can do better thn wht srk done in swadesh..if u hv problem with shahrukh..thn tht is ur problem…

Swadesh is a classic movee n tht is my fav ashu movee..
More thn lagaan an jodha akbar…

No other can do better thn wht srk done in swadesh..if u hv problem with shahrukh..thn tht is ur problem…


do you watch movie only by star cast then I am sorry to say you are talking like 11 year old kid… who has some favorite super heroes… and no matter how bad or well they act you watch there movies only… comon please go and watch this movie first than say any thing about the movie…

Fenil thanks vese aaj maine 2ri baar dekhi 3 Idiots…. 😉

I don’t find anything wrong with people who watch just by star cast. Thats what you call fans.
But you stand corrected yet again, cause I did not watch both the movies because the actors are hams.(you understand ham right, it means the actors overact).

Its the same way you would never have watched 3 idiots or any movie if it had KRK(of bigg boss fame) in the lead role.

BTW the 12 year old comment was for tanya, you sound like her 14 year old elder brother 😛

Tum log tho haath do kaar peeche pad jaathe ho, I just said I wont watch the movie, dude, you are acting as maine maa behn ko gali diya hai. Its a movie and these actors are human beings so relax.
Everyone has their own opinion and their right to voice it(and the right to hate or not watch any movie they want to)
Why are you getting so hyper(do you have shares in the production company of 3 idiots)
Damn i gotta remove the subscription to this thread. I just subscribed to it to read Fenils reply, I never thought you fan(atics) would start lynching me over here.
Mujhe maaf kar do aap please

reply to tanya and rawraj:

Guys, relax! Everyone has their own views and likes/dislikes. Let’s respect it…what’s the use arguing over it? Jst like Rawraj hates SRK, similarly Tanya, u must also be hating some actor a lot, right? So lets not argue on a topic which has no end whatsoever. Let’s respect each other’s views.

And thanks a ton Tanya for your appreciation. Nice to know that you saw a film on my recommendation. I loved Sajda a lot; waiting for all songs of MNIK.

And Rawraj, keep coming here and keep expressing your views. Have no fear!


gr8 movie buddy n gr8 review too!!

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