Fenil and Bollywood

India’s answer to Brokeback Mountain

Posted on: January 9, 2010

GETTING SERIOUS: A still from Dunno Y.. Na Jaane Kyun

Come, new year and Bollywood is all set to make its first gay love story as an answer to Hollywood’s Brokeback Mountain that was released in 2006. Sunjay Sharma’s Dunno Y.. Na Jaane Kyun deals with a serious relationship between two men. Director Anil Sharma’s brother Kapil Sharma is playing a wannabe gay model in the film. Competition and survival compels him to succumb to exploitation. “Most strugglers will connect to my role,” says Kapil. While most actors develop cold feet to play gay characters isn’t Kapil scared to get slotted at the beginning of his career? Kapil replies, “I feel today’s audience is mature enough, and they don’t want to see typical run-of-the-mill kind of films. Look, at Hollywood, Hasn’t Tom Hanks played a gay character? An actor should be open to playing any character conventional or unconventional. The only thing I was particular about, was that this character should not come across as a caricature or just as an object of mockery. I am truly happy with what I have chosen.”

BOMBAY TIMES (January 7, 2010)


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