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Ranbir-Most Desirable Man

Posted on: January 9, 2010


Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is India’s Most Desirable Man in ZOOM Top 50 list

MADHUREETA MUKHERJEE Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; January 8, 2010)

Maybe it’s the ‘rocket’ in his ‘pocket’. Maybe it’s the wide awake Sid in him. Maybe it’s his real life ajabghazab prem kahani or the success of his Katrina pairing. Maybe it’s nothing more than his Kapoor genes and that charming demeanour — but without doubt, Ranbir Kapoor has emerged the topper of the ‘ZOOM 50 Most Desirable’ hotties list for 2009. Nope, he didn’t have to bare his butt (like last year’s winner John Abraham) — Ranbir did that already in his first film, remember? Nor did this Kapoor boy didn’t need a six-pack to win this much desired list, just a sweeping vote and very close competition from a bunch of hunks that pushed him to the limit. The Red Hot Countdown — ZOOM’s master countdown to beat all countdowns, had its annual competition to compile a list of India’s hottest — men and women. And with Katrina emerging hottest Indian woman, what with her class act and her huge fan base, it needed Ranbir to become the ghazab partner to Katz in this hot sweepstakes.

The list, compiled on the basis of online voting on www.zoomtv.in and via SMS, along with an elite, informed panel deciding the final winners, had voters pushing the buttons to vote in their favourites. Aamir, with his newfound hotness, post 3 Idiots; Akshay Kumar’s lean and mean ‘hauteness’, the ever beautiful Hrithik’s bare body and hirsute look, the ever popular SRK; and Salman’s Wanted status — all had the audiences gasping on the desirability meter. With Saif still up there on the hottie list, Abhay Deol stepping on the gas, Farhan Akhtar ‘rocking’ it up and Shahid making the gals swoon with his bare act — it was a formidable Top 10. But Ranbir nudged ahead in the final lap.

“It feels wonderful to be voted the ZOOM Most Desirable Man. We always look to the fans and to the media for their endorsement and acceptance and to be voted by them feels great. I don’t know about ‘Desirable’ but yes, I try and live up to my fans’ expectations. I thank ZOOM for this crown — and I hope I am as lucky next year, though I’m surprised that I topped in spite of such amazing competition,” said Ranbir.

1. Ranbir Kapoor
2. Hrithik Roshan

3. Akshay Kumar

4. Shahid Kapoor

5. Saif Ali Khan

6. John Abraham

7. Abhay Deol

8. Salman Khan

9. Shah Rukh Khan

10. Farhan Akhtar


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