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Chetan Bhagat is Aamir’s new neighbour in Bandra

Posted on: January 13, 2010

NO MORE BITTERNESS: Chetan Bhagat (right) has decided to bury the hatchet with Aamir Khan

Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; January 9, 2010)

Mumbai: Writer Chetan Bhagat has moved closer to the actor he has declared peace with, Aamir Khan. Bhagat had been criticising the Aamir-starrer 3 Idiots for not prominently crediting him as the writer of the book that led to the movie. Bhagat has now moved to Waheeda building, a posh property that faces Marina Apartments, where the actor lives in Pali Hill, Bandra.
If Aamir is on one side of Bhagat’s new home, the bungalow of the actor’s late uncle, Nasir Husain, is on another. While Bhagat was unavailable for comment,a Pali Hill resident said,“Aamir and Bhagat have become neighbours. Bhagat has already joined the Waheeda residents’ group and will soon be moving into the building.’’ Another resident of the building, C N Ram, said, “Bhagat has bought a flat in the building and there is work going on on the first floor.’’

Bhagat closed the 3 Idiots controversy on Monday, saying he would like to “move on’’. “I don’t have anything against the team behind 3 Idiots. I may have some issues with the mistake they may have made, but none about their personalities. I apologise to their families if there was any distress caused to them,’’ Bhagat said. “I want to thank my fans who stood by me, but I don’t want them to turn against anyone, especially Aamir. I also apologise to his fans,’’ Bhagat said.


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