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Hrithik shouting ‘Mujhe mukti de de’ from his home at 2 am?

Posted on: January 13, 2010

Mujhe mukti de de”…that’s what hrithik roshan was saying loudly from the balcony of his juhu flat at 2 am. And no, he hadn’t had a fight with his wife. so involved is he with Guzaarish, that he stays up nights rehearsing the dialogue. is his obsession telling on his health?

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 09, 2010)

Hrithik Roshan pic: yogen sha

Hrithik Roshan’s life is consumed not just by love, but also by sheer dedication to his role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish. Don’t be surprised if you find him spending sleepless nights, rehearsing his dialogue to himself with emphasis on details.

Hrithik is known for his diligent approach to his roles, but the big question here is: is his obsession with a great performance taking a toll on him?

Last night at 2 am, Hrithik was spotted by this reporter in the balcony of his apartment, pacing frenetically and reading out his dialogue. Despite Hrithik being on the 8th floor of his Juhu residence (Palazzio), he could still be heard loud and clear on the street.

Perhaps burning the midnight oil is the reason for the deep lines that mark his weariness. His face reflects the exhaustion, and it’s hardly surprising. As it is, his personal life is tumultuous, his party hard ways are causing concern and now he is pushing himself to the limit as far as his role goes.

Apparently, he had just reached home and within five minutes, he was slaving over the dialogue. They sounded rather dramatic, as a Bhansali film is wont to. Hrithik boomed, “Mujhe mukti de de…kuch varsh pehle…’

His voice modulation was precise, even though he was only intoning the speech to himself. He went on without a pause or a break. That certainly shows a passion for his character in the film, a paraplegic.

A source said that bringing home sheets of dialogue and reading them until he is satisfied with his preparation is a daily habit. Yesterday, finally at 2.25 am, Hrithik switched off the light, perhaps because he became conscious that he had a witness.

A source close to the Roshans said, “Maybe you saw him for the first time. But you know, Hrithik always likes to rehearse his parts in advance. He always puts his best foot forward.”

Much as we love Hrithik for the value addition he brings to each of his roles, we hope this won’t affect his health. The camera isn’t terribly kind.


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