Fenil and Bollywood

Nikhil may lose a role because of no mooch?

Posted on: January 13, 2010

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 13, 2010)

He’s finally got a few projects on hand, but for Nikhil Dwivedi it just meant trading in the miseries of the have-nots with the perils of the haves. Apparently, Abhay Deol, who has signed him for his production Basra, has instructed Nikhil to grow a moustache for the role.

But the actor, who is currently shooting for Ekta Kapoor’s Shor with a clean-shaven look, will have to keep that look all through. The problem is, the difference between the end of Shor’s shooting and beginning of Basra is just two days, hardly enough time to grow a mooch.

Abhay Deol Nikhil Dwivedi

“Nikhil has an important part in Shor for which he is sporting a clean-shaven look. The shoot schedule is from January 20 to February 10. In Basra, he plays a cop who has a moustache and that goes on the floors from February 12, two days after he finishes Shor. It’s practically impossible for him to sport a real moustache. But both Abhay and the director of Basra, Navdeep Singh, are dead against using a false moustache and have told Nikhil as much in no uncertain terms.

Despite repeated calls, Nikhil Dwivedi remained unavailable for comment, but the choices he has is stark – either  upset Ekta Kapoor or Abhay Deol. The poor boy is probably busy trying to figure out which is the lesser evil.


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