Fenil and Bollywood

Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 83

Posted on: January 13, 2010


I have an interesting anecdote to share on Chance Pe Dance (CPD). It was mid-October last year. The promo of the film had not come out anywhere on the net except on Bigcinemas.com due to some reason. And the people didn’t know about it as Big Cinemas’ website was surfed mostly for online booking. But apni MSian Shalu Dhyani managed to surf deeper into the website and unearth the CPD’s promo which was lying in one of its inside pages! She informed me about it and we decided to share it with the rest of the world. I downloaded the teaser from Bigcinemas.com and then uploaded it on YouTube (with special mention and thanks to Shalu Dhyani!). To make the people aware about it, I joined the fan clubs of Shahid, Genelia and CPD on Facebook and pasted the link of the video clip there. The response that came amazed me. In short time, news spread that CPD promo was out. Within an hour, the teaser had got 1000 views and was increasing every minute! People started giving me ‘Thank you’ messages. Few asked as to how I got hold of the promo and I jokingly replied to them that I stole it from Ronnie Screwvala’s laptop!

But this terrific response to the first promo of CPD made me realize instantly that this is a film which will surely get a terrific opening and has high chance of succeeding at the BO. Most importantly, the film is for youth and about youths and it touches the subject of dancing as well-something which most moviegoers would enjoy. Besides, the Shahid-Genelia pairing has been loved and much appreciated. Songs have been impressive too.

Besides, there’s no other major flick releasing tomorrow with CPD. Thus CPD has all chances of earning wonderfully in the entire week. But, like every other film, CPD should be a well-made film to attract audiences.

Are you also all set to Chance Pe Dance this weekend? Do let me know your views!

There has been buzz among many moviegoers that Charlie (played by Shahid Kapoor) in Kaminey was unintentionally projected as a homosexual with Mikhail (Chandan Roy Sanyal) as his partner! Some came up with points too that justify their stand. Charlie’s relationship with Mikhail had homoerotic undertones. The two sang duets in a bizarre nightclub and had plans of running away. And who can forget the way both rolling on the floor and also on one another when they realize how their life can change with the cocaine they have laid their hands on? Then Charlie breaks down tragically when Mikhail is killed. And he names his bookie window after ‘Mikhail & Co’ just like how Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for Mumtaz Mahal!

But then what about Charlie’s dream and the climax where he’s hitched to a babe? Blogger Ganesh Chandrashekhar has an answer, “This looks like Charlie’s homosexual guilt coming through, because the addition of a female character in the end seemed rather contrived, suggesting that he hopes to be straight in a highly homophobic society”.

To me, this is rather amusing as this thing didn’t cross my mind when I saw Kaminey. But yeah, the arguments put forward by ‘Charlie-is-gay’ group are noteworthy and Vishal Bharadwaj unintentionally did create a homosexual aspect of Charlie’s personality, although he was definitely not a gay.

But this also points out to the need for showing gays as macho and tough in our films. There’s no need everytime to project them as effeminate. They can be cool like Charlie too. Our writers should keep this point in mind while writing gay characters in future. What say-‘Fahi’ farmaya na?!

(Inputs derived from a Times of India article dated September 19, 2009)


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