Fenil and Bollywood

Anil Sharma clarifies on Veer’s duration

Posted on: January 14, 2010

By Taran Adarsh, January 14, 2010 – 12:30 IST


Period films come with the baggage of excessive length. Recall the running time of JODHAA AKBAR. Now the excessive length of VEER is the topic of discussion within the film fraternity. Reportedly, the length of the film exceeds 3.30 hours.

VEER director Anil Sharma, who has got so used to rumours by now, laughs it off. “Really? Is that the new rumour pertaining to the film? Well, let me dishearten the rumour mongers by clarifying this. The final length of the film is 3.04 hours, which includes the opening and end titles. And I plan to bring it further down to 2.50 hours,” the veteran director informs me.

He continues, “The length of the film never shot up to 3.30 hours. Even when I watched the loose edit, it was barely a few minutes more than the final length. But, as I said, I plan to limit the running time to less than 3 hours.”



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