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Farah’s cameo in Khichdi-EBLS

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Agrees to do a comic cameo in old pal JD Majethia’s film Khichdi– EBLS

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 14, 2010)

Farah Khan is all set to make her acting debut in Khichdi-EBLS, being produced by JD Majathia. The choreographer-turned-director has already shot the scene. Farah demanded – and got – her desired fee for the role: an elaborate Gujarati meal.

When contacted Farah Khan confirmed, “I have known JD since my Mithibai College days, when he used to do theatre with my brother Sajid. When he called me I immediately agreed. The brief was very clear, that I have to be myself, the stern and serious director that I am. However it was good fun shooting for the film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only condition was that I be treated to some great Gujju food on the sets, and they fulfilled my demand.”

Farah Khan and JD Majethia on the sets of Khichdi-EBLS

Majathia, who also has a role in the film, is thrilled with the coup. “All I can say is that Farah surprised me. I have known her for a long time but I really wasn’t sure how she would take the proposal because she is such a successful director. But she said yes without even without listening to what my film was about. She even cancelled her vacation because I needed her on some particular days for the shoot. Despite being a director herself, she followed everything she was asked to do by the film’s director, Aatish Kapadia.”

JD elaborates that Farah’s track is a vital one. “It’s a fun sequence, very humorous. She is approached to make a film for the express purpose of annoying someone. Farah agrees to make the film on the condition that she won’t be given credit. Trust me, people will love her in this comic role.”


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