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I’d never make the first move-Genelia D’Souza

Posted on: January 14, 2010

The bubby Genelia D’Souza spells out her dating rules, fashion fundas and why she prefers being sexy, as in ‘naughty’ rather than ‘sultry’

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 14, 2010)

• Would you prefer to be sexy rather than the girl-next-door?

Yes, of course. But right now I am very comfortable in my space. I love the work I get and I’m not in a hurry to grow up. Aditi in Jaane Tu… was aggressive; my character in Chance pe Dance (CPD) is milder, calmer and has a sweet, feminine side. Yet both characters are girls-next-door.

But wouldn’t you like to play a sex bomb?

I don’t know whether I can, it depends on the script. It is something I haven’t thought about. I’d rather be spunky than sexy. I like being schoolgirl sexy, like the ‘naughty’ sexy.

• Given a chance to hit on your co-star, who would it be – Shahid, Harman or John?

You can’t expect me to choose. And now that CPD  is releasing, it has to be Shahid. (laughs)

• Have you ever made the first move in a relationship?

No, never. I would never do that. I would probably smile, but I would never make the first move on a guy for sure.

• Has a girl ever made a pass at you?

No, never! (laughs)

• When did you start working? Your first salary?

I was 15, and I got it for my first ad. I earned around Rs 10, 000.

• And your first screen test?

It was an advertisement with Mr Bachchan. I tested for it at five in the evening and got selected at 10 the same night. And the next thing I knew, I was doing it. Yippie.

• Tell us some dance moves you like.

I like the signature move of the song Papapa (CPD), because I think it is something that everyone can do. I love what Shahid has done in Pump it up. I think he has really, really rocked. For me dancing is going mad, letting down your hair and having a blast.

• How about salsa and jive?

Oh, I would love to do salsa. I am Christian, so I have done a lot of jiving and I love the co-ordinated lifts, but you need a terrific partner to do it.

• Your last chance to admit whether you’re single or not

Ya, ya, ya! I am single

• And ready to mingle?

I find that extremely cheesy, but I am single.

• If you could date a Hollywood actor, who would it be?

My all-time favourite star is Tom Cruise, but I would choose Brad Pitt for a date.

• Do you update yourself about fashion and read about the latest trends?

I do. But for me it is more like a jeans and tee or shorts and tee. I love white shrits and denims. I love very simple normal stuff, but if I have to make an effort, definitely I would consult people and talk to them.

• Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

No. I am quite particular. I like everything fixed up and proper.

Pic: Satish malavade


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