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Sarah Thompson in Raajneeti

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Cruel Intentions 2 actress Sarah Thompson plays Ranbir’s girlfriend in Raajneeti

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 14, 2010)

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Sarah Thompson with Ranbir Kapoor

The secret is out. Ranbir Kapoor’s American girlfriend in Raajneeti, the one he abandons to pursue his family’s political dynastic ambitions in India is 30-year-old Sarah Thompson Kane.

Sarah is best known for her role in Cruel Intentions 2 and for playing South African cricketer Hansie Cronje’s wife in the 2008 biopic Hansie. She was chosen to play Ranbir’s American girl in Raajneeti after a great deal of deliberation. “We auditioned nearly 30 girls before we selected Sarah. She was right for the part. It’s a substantial role and we needed an actress who could act and would look compatible with Ranbir,” says director Prakash Jha.

In the film, Sarah and Ranbir fall in love in an American university. She later follows him to India.

This is the first Caucasian actress that Ranbir has shot with. Apparently the vibes were so thanda between the two that the director decided to scrap the kissing scene between them.


According to the article, Ranbir abandons his American gf to pursue his family’s political dynastic ambitions. Didnt we see something similar in Abhishek-Katrina’s track in Sarkar?


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