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Adnan gets into spat with cop’s son in CPD trial show

Posted on: January 15, 2010

An inebriated Adnan Sami got into a fight with the son of a senior police officer at the trial show of Chance pe Dance

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 15, 2010)

Adnan Sami created a ruckus at Ken Ghosh’s trial show of Chance Pe Dance at a suburban multiplex yesterday evening. Sami came drunk for the 6pm show, got into an ugly verbal spat. Eventually the police had to be called to take control of the situation.

Our source present at the trial show said, “Sami was sloshed when he reached the theatre. Just after the second half began, Sami apparently put his legs up on the seat in front, disturbing the young boy sitting ahead. The annoyed young man asked him to sit straight. The drama continued for some time till the two got into an ugly war of words. Both the parties started abusing each other. The boy happened to be ACP Sonawane’s son and he immediately called the cops to look in to the matter. The cops arrived and waited for the film to end. Once Sami came out, they confronted him. A sloshed Adnan was let off with a warning. After that, when the boy reached the parking lot, Adnan confronted him and they got into a fight again. The cops arrived on the scene again when they learnt about the fight.”

While going to print, a huge argument was still raging between the cops, the boy and Adnan.

Ken Ghosh, the director of Chance Pe Dance, said, “I had left even before Adnan came to watch the film as I had one more trial show at Ketnav in Bandra. However, my production guys present there just informed me about the ruckus. I believe he got into a fight over keeping his legs on the chair which seated a cop’s son. I am yet to get all the information as I am attending to my guests here at Ketnav.”

When asked what he will do now, Ken said, “I don’t know. I guess I will have to apologise to the concerned people.”


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