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Posted on: January 15, 2010

By Taran Adarsh, January 15, 2010 – 11:10 IST

The film industry attracts thousands of hopefuls every single day. Most don’t make it. But the struggle continues… CHANCE PE DANCE tries to present the story of a hopeful – his dreams, his aspirations, his struggle and his eventual triumph.

Last year, Zoya Akhtar’s LUCK BY CHANCE depicted the struggles of an aspirant most effectively. CHANCE PE DANCE tries hard to present the story of one such aspirant, but fails miserably. However, a few clarifications before we delve deeper. It’s not derived from STEP UP [2006] or Ram Gopal Varma’s NAACH [the similarity starts and ends with the male lead being a wannabe actor and the female lead being a choreographer], although a significant track of the movie bears an uncanny resemblance to Jack Black’s SCHOOL OF ROCK [2003].


What bogs the film down is that it’s too predictable from start to end. However, predictability is not the sole hitch here. The story doesn’t have the zing to keep you hooked to the screen for most parts and also, it unravels at such a lethargic pace that you break into a yawn at several points of the narrative.

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The sole aspect that you carry home is Shahid Kapoor’s earnest performance, who has consistently taken one step ahead with every film. This time, unfortunately, the shoddy script makes the actor’s efforts null and void.

Final verdict? A chance lost! Come to think of it, most dance-based reality shows on television these days promise far more entertainment, excitement, drame-baazi and those euphoric moments than the one you see in CHANCE PE DANCE.

CHANCE PE DANCE tells the story of a talented and passionate guy named Sameer [Shahid Kapoor]. Positive and brimming with energy, Sameer juggles various jobs to keep him afloat while pursuing his one dream to get a break on the big screen.

In his quest, Sameer has a lot of ups and down, hopes and disappointments. Not the one to be disillusioned and armed with a ‘Never-Say-Die’ attitude and dynamic talent, Sameer fights every hurdle that comes his way because achieving your biggest dream is never easy.

In this journey, he is helped by a spirited choreographer Tina [Genelia D’Souza] and eventually, Sameer realizes that sometimes life gives you that one chance.

The problem with CHANCE PE DANCE is its writing, which is tacky and bland at the same time. In today’s times, when every film-maker is striving so hard to narrate a new story, CHANCE PE DANCE harps on the same-old mundane, cliched, tried-and-tested stuff that you’ve watched again and again and again. The journey of the protagonist is so lifeless that you don’t feel for him when he loses one battle after another. Conversely, during the climax, when he eventually emerges a winner, you don’t feel euphoric either.

Had the story remained faithful to the main plot – the struggles of an aspirant – it may’ve cut ice with the viewer. But the track of a dance teacher doesn’t work. Also, the sequences with his father – right from the time his father’s shop is demolished, to his father prodding him to chase his dreams – appears phony. The Mohnish Bahl track is also contradictory. At first he signs Shahid, later dumps him, but much later screams on TV channels that he always knew Shahid was a star… weird, isn’t it? The ending is equally tame.

Director Ken Ghosh has filmed a few individualistic scenes well, especially the one at the interval point when a heart-broken Shahid finds solace in his students, but one sparrow does not a summer make. Adnan Sami’s music is strictly okay. The movie clearly lacks a hit number to take it to dizzy heights. However, the choreography is top notch [Ahmed Khan, Marty Kudelka].

Shahid makes a sincere effort and the honesty shows in a number of scenes. But let’s not forget that the best of actors cannot rise beyond a pitiable script. His dances, expectedly, are exceptional. Genelia looks cute and provides some pleasant moments, but the role doesn’t demand histrionics. Mohnish Bahl is alright. Parikshit Sahani is getting typecast as the father.

On the whole, this dance stands no chance!

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