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Posted on: January 17, 2010

Ken Ghosh is back with a film after almost 6 years. His first, Ishq Vishk, was a runaway hit and it was a dream launch for Shahid Kapoor. His next, Fida, also with Shahid, was a smashing thriller although it failed at the BO. Now Ken is here with his third film, Chance Pe Dance, and this one also features Shahid. However, unlike his previous two films, Chance Pe Dance fails and falls at several points. The only saving grace is Shahid. In fact, the talented young actor takes the film to dizzying heights in several sequences!

The story of the movie: Since 3 years, Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) is in Mumbai and is waiting for that one golden opportunity which will make him a Bollywood superstar. He gives auditions wherever he can and earns a living by doing odd jobs. He has faced rejection at many points but still doesn’t give up. His dad (Parikshit Sahni) is calling him back to Delhi but Sameer has no plans of quitting. Finally, Sameer gets a break as the lead actor in a musical film to be made by the famous director Rajiv (Mohnish Behl). Also he finds a new friend in Tina (Genelia) who is the choreographer in that very film. Everything was going fine for Sameer when came a big blow for him.

There isn’t any problem with the film’s first half. The story doesn’t move in the first hour but still one doesn’t find any reason to complain as it is laden with many interesting sequences. The film starts with the energetic number ‘Pe..Pe..Pepein’ followed by the innovative introduction to the world of Sameer. Then Tina’s entry in the narrative was cool and the scene where she drops Sameer home was simply hilarious! The intermission point was well shot and well written too and you expect some fireworks in the 2nd half too.

But things don’t go as expected in the 45-minute long second half. The writer came up with some conflicts in the narrative but it lacked meat. The climax was too predictable and the song Pump It Up that comes just before the film is about to end fails to brighten up the things. However, the final scene was nicely executed.

Performance wise, Shahid Kapoor wins hands down! The film may be forgotten but Shahid’s performance will surely be remembered for a long time. He single-handedly took control and many of the scenes turned out to be fabulous, thanks to him. He gave a performance that one would expect only from the superstars. There was no need for a hero’s sidekick in the film to provide laughs as Shahid did the needful! And not to forget, he danced like a dream! If you are a Shahid fan, Chance Pe Dance should not be missed at any cost!

Genelia, as usual, looked charming and pitched in a sincere and confident performance. Best thing about her is-pair her with any actor and the resulting chemistry will be electrifying! The Imran-Genelia pairing in Jaane Tu and the Fardeen-Genelia pairing in Life Partner were cute and a treat to say the least and in Chance Pe Dance too, she and Shahid form a sweet pair!

Parikshit Sahni was alright. He should stop doing roles of a father who is scolding his son. He did it in 3 Idiots and does something similar in Chance Pe Dance too. Mohnish Behl was great. Vikas Bhalla was okay. The teen who played Genelia’s brother and the girl who played Shanaya leave a mark. Satish Shah is also there in a forgettable role.

Adnan Sami’s music was good but could have been better. The magic that was there in his music in Lucky is missing here. Pump It Up is the best among all. Pritam’s Pe Pe Pepein was superb.

Kiran Kotrial’s dialogues were funny. Story was faulty-there ought to be some zing that would have made the film interesting and much better. Just like how Zoya Akhtar had exceptionally made Luck By Chance (which was also the story of a struggler), Ken Ghosh could have adopted a similar route in writing. However, undoubtedly, his direction was upto the mark and if equipped with better scripts, he can do great job. Hope to see you with a better film next time Ken!

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1.       The song ‘Pe Pe Pepein’ and ‘Pal Mein Hi’
2.       Sameer preparing his breakfast, innovatively!
3.       Tina and Sameer’s first entry
4.       Tina drops Sameer home
5.       Sameer meets Rajiv in the latter’s office
6.       Sameer’s first class with the students
7.       The intermission point
8.       Sameer proposes Tina
9.       Sameer’s speech during the auditions

On the whole, Chance Pe Dance is an average fare. It is well directed and has an outstanding performance by Shahid but is let down by negligible and unexciting storyline. Watch it if you are a Shahid fan. It’s alright if you miss it in theatres!

My rating-** ½ out of 5!

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