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New TIGER in the WOODS

Posted on: January 17, 2010

Almost three decades after he launched Jackie Shroff with Hero, Subhash Ghai readies to launch his son Tiger in a remake of the 1980s hit

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 16, 2010)

Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger is getting ready to make his big Bollywood debut, and who better than showman Subhash Ghai- who launched his father with Hero (1983) – to do that? There is word that Mukta Arts is feverishly working to remake the Jackie Shroff-Meenakshi Seshadri blockbuster with Tiger (Shroff) stepping into his father’s role.

“It’s a bit early to talk about this, but yes, one of my scriptwriters is definitely writing the remake of Hero. Let’s see how the script develops,” Ghai said.

Tiger Shroff

However, the filmmaker will only produce the film and not direct it. He says, “The film will have a young director and a young team. Woh ‘80s ki picture thi, ye 2010 ki hai. Moreover, I am busy with many ideas and stories which I want to develop.”

Explaining his reason for choosing to launch Tiger’s career, Ghai remarked, “Tiger is hero material and I can sense it. Bachpan se janta hoon usko.” Has Jackie given his consent to the project? “Of course. Jackie is family to me,” Ghai said, puzzled by the question.

Tiger’s mother Ayesha recalls a very touching moment between Ghai and her son. “When Tiger was born, Subhashji placed a gold coin in his hand and said, yeh iska pehla signing amount hai.”

It’s finally coming true.

About Hero

Jackie Shroff played the villain Amrish Puri’s henchman who kidnaps Shammi Kapoor’s daughter Meenakshi Sheshadri, though she is misled to believe they are keeping her in safe custody on her father’s instructions.

They fall in love. When she realises that he is a criminal, she is hurt but convinces him to surrender and reform himself. The film had melodious music (Main Tera Jaanu Hoon, Pyar Karne Wali Kabhi Darte Nahin, Ding Dong O Baby Sing A Song, Nindiya Se Jaagi Bahar) with both Jackie and Meenakshi becoming instant heartthrobs after the release of the film.

(Inset: poster of Hero)


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