Fenil and Bollywood

Meet the Princess of Parallel Cinema

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Indian actress Tannishtha Chatterjee is a very respected name in the West

MEENA IYER (BOMBAY TIMES; January 19, 2010)

What Mallika Sherawat and many other mainstream Bollywood actresses couldn’t achieve despite their obvious ‘assets’, the petite, wheat-complexioned, bundle of talent Tannishtha Chatterjee has managed to do. After winning accolades for her outstanding performance in Brick Lane where she was nominated at the British Independent Film Awards alongside Dame Judi Dench and Hollywood’s Anne Hathaway; Tannishtha continues to be sought after by indie film-makers in the West. Tannishtha who spends time between her three homes in Mumbai-London-Delhi says, life has been coming up with roses for her since Brick Lane, based on Monica Ali’s book of the same name. Nicknamed Princess of Parallel Cinema on international websites, the arthouse actress will be seen with Abhay Deol in Dev Benegal’s Road Movie; and Ravi Kumar’s Bhopal: Prayer for Rain. With accolades pouring in from all quarters, Tannishtha says, “The kind of work that is coming my way is truly gratifying.’’ The actress is thrilled that her Road Movie brought the house down when it was screened at Toronto last September. “I’ve always admired Dev Benegal. His English August in my opinion is a path-breaking film. I’m sure when Road Movie reaches theatres across the world, it will be well received.’’ The actress who is constantly jet-hopping says, “It’s nice to be admired; and I’m lucky that I currently have the best of both worlds — the West and India.’’ She’s open to doing mainstream Bollywood movies, too, provided she gets a strong part; and she is happy that Bollywood is making some thought-provoking cinema alongside the mainstream masala stuff. Happy to be able to spend summers in London, winters in Delhi and quality time in Mumbai talking to varied film-makers from across the globe, Tannishtha rightly feels her film journey has only just begun.


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