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At a school function, Salman Khan had kids screaming for more while scandalised authorities were wishing they had ordered for ear plugs

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 05, 2010)

When actors are asked to grace an event, particularly a school function, you expect them to prove to be good role models for the kids, encouraging them to study hard and eat right. However, if the actor happens to be Salman Khan, you can expect the unthinkable.

Salman, who had been invited to  judge for an event at Jamnabai Narsee school, Juhu, shared some little known anecdotes about his own school days with the kids present, all between 11-19.

“Salman had said he would come on time (4pm) and stay the whole evening. The school authorities were expecting him to make a brief appearance, but he surprised everyone by taking time off to be there throughout,” says a source.

When called on stage to say a few words, his speech took everybody by surprise. “When Salman was asked to share memories of his school days, the audience braced themselves for a dose of nostalgia. However, he recalled how he would bunk classes constantly and was rusticated from four schools. He also confessed that he was the school bully – he even asked the resident bully of the school to raise his hand. One hand did go up.” By this time, the students were almost falling off their seats while the teachers didn’t know where to look.

It didn’t end there. When he was asked by the children to dance on stage with them, he quipped, “I don’t dance without being paid.” Even before the stunned kids and teachers could recover from that statement, he had already proceeded to dance to one of his own songs on stage.

Salman at the event


Salman’s love for kids is unbelievable. At the event, Salman went on stage twice and enjoyed himself with the kids. He danced with the kids and even promoted his forthcoming film Veer saying, ‘there is a veer in all of you’ which has got you to come on the stage and perform like this’. After the dance, he gave out music CDs of the film to the kids. While leaving the venue, some of the kids followed him. Unknowingly, his guard pushed one of them. Despite the crowd, Salman noticed this. When he realised that the kid was hurt, he lost his temper at his guard. He made his guard apologise to the kid. He also hugged the kid and gave him the music CD of Veer with his autograph on it. The child’s day was definitely made as he left with a big smile on his face and memories to last a lifetime.

–Kunal M Shah


WOMAN POWER: Tina Ambani

Tina Ambani is excited as the 11th Mumbai Film Festival kickstarts today amidst much fanfare


Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 29, 2009)



Reliance Big Entertainment, a part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is collaborating with MAMI to present the 11th Mumbai Film Festival that starts today. Here, Tina Ambani, who oversees the corporate social responsibility of the Reliance ADA Group, of which the film festival is a part of, talks about this year’s festival…
What prompted you to get the Reliance ADA Group to support the Mumbai Film Festival?
Cinema is an universal truth — the language of dreams. This language is spoken by all of us. Befittingly, Mumbai is called the city of dreams. The cradle of Indian cinema and home to the world’s largest film industry, it is a prolific manufacturer of dreams. More significant, it is a place where dreamers — filmmakers, actors, scriptwriters, composers — can turn their own visions of success into technicolour reality.
I know this only too well; my decade-long association with the industry has been both defining and empowering. Just as it is logical for this great city to have an international film festival that celebrates its spirit and rich cinematic heritage, it has been a natural step and an immense source of pride for me to support this festival and give it the stature it deserves.
Today, Reliance Big Entertainment, part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is a major player in Indian and international cinema. And our collaboration with the Mumbai Film Festival is a manifestation of our commitment to excellence and our gratitude to a fraternity of which we are proud.
How involved are you in the process?
As my professional roots are in this industry, I naturally have a tremendous engagement and involvement with the festival. Of course, this is a professionally run event with a wonderful team, so my involvement doesn’t need to extend to the day-today work. There is a trust of distinguished film professional managing it. Rather, my role is to work with this team to help the event grow and evolve.
What sets this film fest apart from the other fests in the country?
Any cinema-related event in Mumbai is bound to be special. Further, this is the first edition of Reliance Entertainment’s association with the Mumbai International Film Festival and we wanted to make the show more representative of India’s stature in world cinema than ever before. We have over 200 films from 56 countries that will be screened at three different venues. And there are several sidebar events where filmmakers and cineastes will get an opportunity to interact with each other.
What does the festival aim to achieve for the film industry and enthusiasts?
The film industry will have an international platform to showcase its talents, to stand up and be counted in the exciting wave of global cinema. And our filmmakers as well as film enthusiasts will get the opportunity to view new cinematic trends from across the world and broaden their own horizons. Film lovers will get a chance to interact with filmmakers, making the festival a truly interactive experience.
What is the biggest challenge in the fest according to you?
I would like the Indian film fraternity to come together and be a part of the Mumbai Film Festival. With our cinema being feted across the world, this is no time for us to be insular. The industry needs to not just participate wholeheartedly in such an event but assume a sense of ownership, a pride in Indian cinema, and come together to showcase it to the world.
Do you see the festival as being at par with international festivals across the world?
Of course! It will be an international experience and a landmark event. It will only evolve as we go along.
Personally, as an actor and film enthusiast, what are you looking forward to the most?
I am looking forward to the entire experience, the buzz that such an event will generate. As a former actor, it will be intriguing to see the new trends in cinema — the industry has evolved so much, both in terms of technical quality and professionalism. As for the bigger picture, I am eager to see the film fraternity, both Indian and international, and film lovers come together to celebrate their common passion. It’s show time!

FLYING HIGH: Anushka Sharma. (inset) Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor; (below) Akshay Kumar. For more pictures of the Bollywood stars, log on to http://photogallery.indiatimes.com
Anushka Sharma believes she’s a lucky girl…

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 15, 2009)

Aditya Chopra’s promising debutant Anushka Sharma continues her run as a big league player. After Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, one of the biggest blockbusters of all-time, Anushka is romancing Shahid Kapoor in Parmeet Sethi’s untitled venture. In December, she will team up with super-hottie Akshay Kumar in Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House. “I loved the script the moment I heard it,’’ she confesses. “However, I didn’t want to do anything impulsive. So I slept over it for a day and went back to Nikhil telling him I was most certainly on for the project,’’ says the heroine, who stands almost six feet tall. Anushka adds, “I have never met Akshay Kumar in my life and I’m going to be romancing him in my next project. I can’t tell you how excited I am. First I got to romance Shah Rukh, then Shahid and now Akshay. It is as if I’m walking on a cloud.’’

Has she talked to her godfather Aditya Chopra about this film? “Adi would hate it if I called him my mentor or godfather,’’
she says. “He and I are not friends. He is someone I hold in high regard. He holds a special place for me forever because he gave me a break every girl can only dream of. Adi is also too professional to ask me about the script of another film-maker. And I’m equally professional, so I will not reveal any details. But I can pick up the phone and seek his advice if I wish to. He is always there for his actors/technicians.’’

The Rab Ne girl admits that she is ruthlessly ambitious but will not resort to anything unscrupulous to attain great heights. “I started at the top with Rab Ne. Now I have to work double hard. An actor told me, ‘Anushka, you have been given a silver platter. Keep it clean.’ My desire, therefore, is to always try and put my best foot forward.’’ With her nose buried deep in the Patialia House script, she day dreams. About Akshay Kumar, perhaps…

Actors today are not only conscious of their own health but also of the journalists who they interact with
By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 13, 2009)

Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor

In a long career as a film scribe one has eaten one too many meals with the stars.

Yesteryear actors took feeding the film scribe part a tad too seriously and many of them often believed that the way to a journalist’s article was through the meal they served.

Now it’s a different ball game. If you visit Kareena Kapoor, of the size-zero craze for an interview, she will feed you slimming cheese and cappuccino with a sugar free supplement.

Her closest contender Katrina Kaif offers you just green tea at her home. Katrina, who can go without a meal for six to eight hours, is fitness conscious and wants her guests to be the same.

Ajay Devgan smirks if he spots you with a packet of potato chips and will insist you have a baked continental dish with him.

Imran Khan is happy to give you water because that is his poison.

Deepika Padukone loves her rasam-rice but doesn’t insist that the interviewer warm up to it. “You can have coffee and cookies,” she says with a warm smile.

Asin will offer you walnuts, cashews, chocolates, lime water and if you beg to differ, her maid will give you amazing South Indian coffee.

Akshay Kumar, who eats lunch at 12 noon (come hell or high water) welcomes you to join him for palak paneer, an oil-free sabzi and rotis. No parathas for this Punjab ka munda and likewise for the journalists interviewing him.

At Aamir’s home, if you are a solo guest the sandwiches come from his kitchen and if there is an unusually large contingent then the sandwiches come from outside.

Katrina Kaif

Deepika Padukone

Ekta and Shobha Kapoor insist on offering scribes low cal brown bread sandwiches with salmon/tomato, but if you have a sweet tooth they’re okay with offering you a brownie. Jeetendra insists you only eat a fruit platter because he does just that.

Shahid Kapoor will order you the best Chinese meal from either of his two favourite suburban restaurants… and will even supervise whether you’re eating well.

And, of course, Priyanka Chopra, who is currently on a mom-supervised-home-cooked-meal trip, takes the bakery. She insists journalists eat everything from paneer/naan/fish curry rice to curd rice because she has a healthy appetite. And she gets self-conscious eating alone.