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Bharati Dubey & S Ahmed Ali I TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; September 24, 2009)

Mumbai: UTV software and communications, producers of the film What’s Your Raashee? has demanded a compensation of Rs 50 crore each from Adlabs Films Limited and UFO moviez for ‘abetting piracy and infringement of copyright’. Both the parties have been asked to pay up within 7 days.

The masterprint of Ashutosh Gowariker’s yet to be released What’s Your Raashee? was stolen from Adlabs on Monday evening. UTV
in its notice to Adlabs mentioned that in violation of the agreement, the masterprint of the film had been illegally copied on the Adlabs premises and sold to persons engaged in piracy, causing huge damage. The notice also alleged that the illegal activity was possible because of some highly-placed persons employed by Adlabs who gained access to the prints and made copies of it.

In its notice to UFO moviez, the producers alleged that UFO employee Rajesh Chowdhry arrested in the case has also confessed to piracy of the film Aage Se Right. “It is apparent that the entire illegal piracy racket has been able to continue unchecked on UFO premises and that their security system does not provide adequate protection,’’ the notice said. UFO has sacked Chowdhry but officials said that Aage Se Right was not released on the UFO platform.

UTV has also written to all producers and distributors’ bodies to send showcause notices to Adlabs and UFO moviez. Also, a film delegation including producer Mahesh Bhatt, senior vice-president of AMPTPP Vikas Mohan, Yash Chopra, Ratan Jain and Mukesh Bhatt will be meeting joint commissioner Rakesh Maria on Thursday.

Meanwhile, two more officials of two private companies, Neerav Shah (30), the manager of Reliance Big Pictures (overseas distributions) and Nagda Kalapi (29), the head
of the overseas distribution of Shemaroo pictures, were arrested in the case. Kalapi and Shah get a ‘benefit’ of Rs 35,000 to 50,000 per film, said senior inspector Ansar Peerzade. A video-piracy racket was busted on Sunday. Ashraf Hussain alias Afsar, Feroz Khan and Aman Tanzeem Sayyed were arrested in the case. Their interrogation helped the police arrest Durgadas Bhakta, manager, business development of Adlabs and Chowdhry.

An Adlabs spokesperson said, “The incident in connection with What’s Your Raashee is not attributable to us in any manner. The film prints are recorded under the best possible security measures.’’ A UFO spokesperson Charu Sacham said that the company has communicated separately with the producers’ fraternity and assured them that their business interests and intellectual property are of paramount importance.


Ekta Kapoor
NO SEX PLEASE…in film titles that is. Evidently, censorship begins at the title stage. AMPTPP will not register a title with the word ‘sex’ in it


Given that Hindi films have a generous dash of pelvic thrusts, French kissing and hot lovemaking scenes these days, this is one of the most incongruous things to have happened in the film industry in recent times. Ekta Kapoor and director Dibakar Banerjee were in for a rude shock when the title they wanted for their next film was rejected by the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers. The association rejected the two shortlisted titles Love Sex Aur Dhokha and Pyaar Sex Aur Dhokha saying that the titles are obscene. And here we thought birds kissing and flowers gently dashing against each other are a thing of the past.

A source said, “Both Ekta
and Dibakar are extremely dejected. Dibakar always stresses on having apt titles for his films. For instance, his earlier two films were titled Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. They were shocked on receiving the reject letter from the association. They tried to reason it out but it was a futile attempt. Now they have no option but to look for an alternative title.”

Ekta Kapoor confirmed the story but didn’t divulge any more details. Dibakar Banerjee said, “We wanted to register the title Love Sex Aur Dhokha. The word pyaar could have been used in place of the
word love. We had submitted the title to check if it was available. However, the association rejected the title saying that it is too obscene. We contacted them to ask why they thought that our title is obscene. They have heard our argument and the matter is subjudice so I can’t give you any details. They are going to give us their reason soon.”

Commenting on the title’s importance, Dibakar said, “This title was extremely important to us and as it suggests everything, which will be depicted on screen. The title explains the entire script and the way the film
will be treated. All I can say is that it’s a film within a film and is like a window looking into the lives of the characters.”

Ratan Jain, President AMPTPP, remained unavailable for comment.

By: Amul Sharma Date: 2009-06-05

Mumbai (MID-DAY)The tension between producer Vashu Bhagnani and director Vivek Sharma took an ugly turn on Wednesday. For months, there has been talk about the growing differences between them; it ended two days ago with Vashu slapping Vivek.

A source reveals, “They’ve been having problems for a long time. As Vashu’s son is making his sliver screen debut, he didn’t want to compromise in any department and has been spending money freely on the project. The director apparently decided to take advantage of Vashu’s spending spree and tried to make money off it.”

The source further adds, “Vashu signed Vivek for Rs 61 lakh, right after he made Bhoothnath. He’d been paid most of the amount (only Rs 10 lakh was due), which the director was to receive around the time of the film’srelease.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Vivek went to Bhagnani’s office along with his legal counsel and served him a notice for a balance payment of Rs 40 lakh! He claimed that the producer had signed him for Rs 91 lakh and now that the movie was to release on June 12, the money was due to him.”

The scene…

The producer who has been running from pillar to post trying to release his son’s film, tried to reason with Vivek and his lawyer. Says the source, “He told them that he made over 30 films as a producer and never in his wildest dreams would he think of paying almost a crore to a flop director.

After this, Vivek got aggressive and started screaming and making a scene. Vashu lost his temper and slapped Vivek and told him that he would drop his name from the credits of the film if he didn’t come to his senses.”

Association of Motion Pictures & TV Programme Producers (AMPTPP) has also received a CC-ed copy of the legal notice. Monica, the secretary of the association confirms this, “We have indeed received a letter from the legal team representing Vivek Sharma against Puja Entertainment and it is being processed. Mostly an emergency meeting will be called to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Vashu Bhagnani says, “I would not like to comment on this.”

Says Vivek Sharma, “I am going to expose Vashu and the myth that he is a wonderful producer. I am dragging him to court but I had no other option.” About the slapping incident, he says, “These are just rumours.”



By Taran Adarsh, May 5, 2009 – 08:37 IST

Here’s piping hot news! Anupam Mittal and Aditya Shastri, the producers of 99, are in the midst of a storm. The duo had decided to defy the producers and distributors’ directive [of not releasing a film until and unless the terms with multiplexes are settled] by releasing the film this Friday [8th May]. In fact, several industry people spoke to the two producers, telling them in very clear words that this tantamounts to revolting against the film trade associations, but to no avail. The producers had even issued ads in the papers, announcing the release date of the film.

Till Monday morning, the producers of 99 were firm on releasing the film this Friday, but it has been decided to push the film ahead by one week. The producers are planning to release the film on 15th May. What happened? “We’ve been in talks with several industry leaders since the past few days and today [Monday], Ratan Jain [President of A.M.P.T.P.P., the producers’ association] also called from Singapore [he’s shooting DE DHANA DHAN with Akshay – Katrina there], requesting us to abide by the rules. That’s when we decided to push the film ahead by one week,” producer Anupam Mittal confirms.

Anupam continues in the same breath, “I made it clear to Ratan-ji that we’ve made the film specifically keeping the IPL in kind. Our film has a cricket backdrop and hence, it’s timely and topical, given the fact that the matches are currently being played in South Africa. What’s more, an incident that occurred in South Africa in 1999 has also been incorporated in our movie. There’s no way out for us.”

But going against the film industry is just not done. “I am all for solidarity. I sincerely believe that the associations are fighting for a cause and I stand by them completely. But what I can do is push the film by one week, not beyond that. I am helpless. I explained my stand to Ratan-ji too,” Anupam states.

Anupam adds, “Everyone feels that the matters [producers versus multiplexes] would get sorted out in the next couple of days. But even if the strike isn’t called off, I would go ahead with its release next week. I can’t wait till the next big cricket event takes place to release my film.”